Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Valid hitler Comparison

We know (or should know) that no argument can maintain any semblance of rationality when the comparison is made to a certain Austrian corporal. This one is valid because it's, well, hitler.

Dr. Seuss's hitler
Skimming through old newspapers on-line as any good genealogist does, I was startled to see der fuehrer's face. And startled again to see the artist's name. I thought it was worth sharing.

We know Disney also got into the war propaganda act with Donald's Duck's version. I captured a more pleasant scene from the end of the cartoon:

We need more love for Lady Liberty in our political discourse these days, and certainly fewer fuehrer comparisons.


  1. I tried watching that short cartoon recently, as I like Spike Jones and had performed this in college, but the huge amounts of nasty race characterizations made me never want to see it again.


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