Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Music Has Charms

Charmed. My breast no longer savage. Self-indulgence is the order of the evening.

It took me a good few hours to get my iTunes set up on a new computer. There are many other competing, digital stereo systems out there. And I'm stuck with iTunes because of the multiplicity of playlists I spent so much time developing. I'm not starting over. 

The tricky part is to remember to move not just the iTunes music files, but the MP3s as well. And some of them are hard to find. I still can't figure why I had to transfer "skate away" by Dire Straits all by itself before it would work. "Enchante, what can I say?"
And as I worked and waited for file transfers, the music played on. I used to spend hours. Now I only seem to get those hours on long road trips. I need more in my chair at home staring at the eastern hills that fill my window.

A man's soul is revealed by the things he loves. My eternity-partner reveals me higher than I would appear otherwise. Somewhere below the angels, my music reveals me too.

So, after 20+ years of Windows, my son-in-law recently taught me how to screen-save. Here's my top plays and four & five star-songs with annotations even to make of what you will. Few dear souls are in on any deep messages:

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