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Live-Blogging LDS General Conference Spring 2014 - Saturday AM

Here we go! We're just about through all the Mormon movie and book ads.

Watch it LIVE here:

Pres. Uchtdorf conducting. We have a "Firm Foundation" singing in the choir.

Of course I could always get called away to Saturday chores. I did spend 3 hours in the garden last evening when I got home so I wouldn't feel so guilty sitting here today. I decommissioned the snow blower for the season first trying to drain out the gasoline. Then, reading the instructions "Don't drain the gasoline - Let it run until it stops with all the gas burned out" OK, a little eco-unfriendly, but we killed it off in a bout an hour while I did other Spring gardening chores. I just had this brilliant flash with our fence still down since the great East Wind blow down of a while back that maybe I could plant a hedge of lilacs. The wind can't blow them down! We could have a trestle gate with roses over it. Yeah! OK, prayer . . . .
We have one lilac down in the corner that is coming out just beautifully! It was planted for my oldest boy's wedding reception and is to last as they will. Lilics are long lived and and just love them, particularly the smell. Yeah, that's it! We need more! Got to check on finances as my stupid job shorted me on hours last pay period and we have taxes to pay. We have all we need, we just have to juggle accounts again.

President Monson and then Elder Holland are going to lead out!

President Monson:
He'w looking a little better and seems to have a bit more energy perhaps recovering from losing his wife.
Talking about Gilbert AZ Temple dedication. The rain long-prayed for came just before the youth performance but they went on and all enjoyed. Theme was "True to the Faith" (Let's hope the choir sings it!)
The day after was the dedication - 142nd operating temple. The day was beautiful and filled with sunshine.
May is Ft. Lauderdale dedication.
170 temples soon to be in operation. No new announcements in immediate future, but still working on locations for more. Temple building and temple attending people.
Be filled with spirit of the Lord and be inspired - listen and learn.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve:
If you haven't already, you will one day be called upon to defend yourself. Maybe even endure personal abuse. Courage and courtesy required.
Sister missionary. Some guy eating lunch saw their tags and jumped up to hit them. Ducked and he spit his food all over them. "Sometimes it's hard being a missionary." She didn't retaliate "Excuse Me!!!"
"Viewed Christ's death and suffered His cross and bourne the shame of the world"
"They spit on Him and he suffereth it"
Hebrews "they who stopped the mouth of lions . . . armies to flight . . . trial of cruel mockings, scourging, mockings .... slain with the sword . . . destitute in sheepskins and goatskins. [Hey! goats do come into it!]

[Had to help unload groceries]

Characteristic of our age, people want gods who don't demand much.
Some invoke Jesus for one of these easy gods. Don't even think of sin or you sin - does that sound like an easy God? He brought a sword. local communities prayed him to depart out of their coasts.
Bumper sticker WWJD would not always bring a comfortable response.
If you love me, keep my commandments.
If you break one of the least and teach others to do so - no good.
Righteousness is to accompany Love.
We must forsake transgression and any hint of advocacy for it in others. There is a crucial difference between the capacity to forgive sin and condoning it which He never did even once. Pure Christlike love can change the world.
Witness - Particular witness of restored Priesthood keys. More certain of that than that he is standing there are others sitting before him
Defend beliefs with courtesy and compassion but defend them.
The path of Christian discipleship is a straight path and a narrow pass but it can be traveled with hope and love of God and all men. In pursuing you will forge unshakable faith. And you will feel the rock-like strength of our Redeemer.

Elder Ronald A. Rasband Presidency of the 70:
Talks about the Oklahoma tornado.
Pres. Monson told him "First, tell them I love them. Second, tell them I am praying for them. Third, thank those who are helping hem."
317 Seventies in 8 Quorums.
Sustainings come this afternoon. Prophets, Seers, and Revelators. Personal responsibility to share their burden and to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We are the Lord's hands here on the earth.
"If ye have done it unto one of the least of these, ye have done it unto me"
"If though wilt be perfect, go sell what thou hast, give unto the poor, and come follow me
Young man turned away because he had great earthly possessions.
Strive to lay up spiritual treasures in heaven
"Come and Follow Me." - Christ
Recognize the Savior who has born all our burdens.
Story of Tori in OK praying and the roof disappeared above their heads. They were inside the tornado. 7 schoolmates did not survive. He gave Tori a blessing. "I will go before your face and be on your right hand and left and angels round about you to bear you up.
Sacred responsibility to bear one another's burdens.
Thanks for service
King Benjamin. "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God." Mosiah 2:17

Elder Carlos H. Amado of the Seventy:
from Guatemala.
Ministry of Jesus Christ.
Most demanding trial in the Garden of Gethsemane
Took on our sins burdens to know how to succor us. Alma 7:12
while in the tomb he worked to organize his faithful followers in the spirit world to preach unto the dead.
They would have opportunity to be redeemed from captivity.
He returned to earth to reunite his physical with his spiritual body.
Christ was the first to be resurrected to never die again.
New and glorious condition - touch me not for I have not ascended to my God - his work in the Spirit World had been completed
He will come as King of Kings and Savior and Redeemer, the Messiah.

Choir & Congregation "Choose the Right"

Sister Linda S. Reeves, Counselor in the Relief Society:
Message to family.
Fidelity in Husband & Wife.
Many are innocently exposed to pornography. some choose to view it and get caught up in addiction.
We should respond without shock with love and understanding especially if they came forward seeking help.
Family plan with protections in place
Teach them.
Savior have power to cleanse and heal.
Also concerned about the family affects - don't suffer needlessly the consequence of others' sins.
There is help - addiction recovery meetings for spouses including call-in meetings.
Filters are useful tools - but the only one that will only work is one that comes from deep and abiding testimony of Savior and his love for each one of us. [yep]
We talk of Christ - that our children may know to what source they may turn for a remission of our sins. 2 Nephi 25:26.

[I just asked my son-in-law for the reference, "2 Nephi 25, verse?" He said, "just Google it." He stopped memorizing things because he always has it in his pocket. I said that I stopped remembering things].

Search out ancestors and take family names to the Temple we will be protected throughout our lives as we stay worthy for a Temple recommend.
She wants her grandchildren to know her testimony.
We must want to change our hearts to seek forgiveness.

Neil L. Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve:
Also Oklahoma tornado stacking mobile homes. Second coming - all things in commotion [buffalo??]
In proportion to the spread of the gospel, the power of satan would rise.
Spiritual tornadoes of sin can lift us up and put us in unexpected places
Repentance can calm the whirlwinds.
Not all are of our own making.
Pres. Packer had polio
How do you prepare for whirlwinds? build on rock on the Savior. This is your safety in the whirlwind.
Pres. Monson on chasm of society and standards of the church. This stirs some strong spiritual whirlwinds.
Letter on changes in the civil law can't change Gods law [absolutely! They are two different things!]
Urged to review doctrine of the Proclamation on the Family.
Now he's giving Gene Shaerr's arguments on selfish adults vs. interest on families and children.
Laurel's concern about friends posting on facing book. She did not fight back but did not take down her statement. Sometimes you have to stand alone - Pres. Hinckley
Of special concern are those who struggle with same-sex attraction. Expresses love for those who stay true to gospel standards.
Love not only our friends but those who are not - even those who repudiate. If ye salute only your brethren.
There is no place for ridicule, bullying, or bigotry
Give heed to words the Lord will give through his prophets. It may conflict with your political views. If you listen as it its from the Lord the gates of hell shall not prevail and darkness dispersed.
Henry Eyring moved to new city and felt like he didn't fit in. Immersed in the Book of Mormon.
Another way to stand firm. Stand in Holy Places and be not moved.
13 Temples when he was youth. Now, a hundred forty some.
Have you ever stood in temple dressed in white waiting to do ordinances? How do you feel
That's a pattern for your life
Find your ancestors take their names to the Temple

[not for the first time, there's a mention of overcoming the sins of the world by taking family names to the Temple]

Build on the foundation of the Rock of the Redeemer. "I will not leave you comfortless. I will come to you."

President Henry B. Eyring, Counselor in the First Presidency:
Some of you were invited here by missionaries. Some have already been challenged to be baptized.
Others may have been invited by family to put the covenants already made to be back in your life.
Whoever you are you hold in your hands the happiness of more people than you can imagine.
Wherever you are you make a constant choice to keep the covenants of God.
You choose whether you leave an inheritance of Hope.
He owes much of his happiness to a man he never met in life - an orphan who became his Great Grandparent.
Heinrich Eyring born into great wealth. Prussians. Family history story.
Heinrich's father lost both parents and a great worldly inheritance. - Best hope was in going to Amerika. First to NY City, then St. Louis. Co-worker was a member who shared a pamphlet from Parley P. Pratt. He prayed to know if their were angels who visited men. Had dream in which he was told to be baptized. Elder William Brown baptized him.
Heinrich knew what I am teaching you know that eternal joy comes through family binding. His hope and love was part of those not yet born. He wrote a history to his descendants.
I name this in my history that my children will never neglect this important duty to gather with the Saints.
He went on a mission only a few months after baptism. 6-years in the Indian Territories. Walked from Oklahoma to Salt Lake City. Then called to move to Southern Utah. Then mission to Germany. Then build up LDS colonies in Mexico. Then mission to Mexico City. Lies in cemetery in Chihuahua, Mexico.
He accepted those calls because of his Faith. Joseph Smith - Priesthood keys to seal families forever if they have sufficient faith to keep commandments.
Each covenant brings duties.
[dead guy duties, kitchen duties, maybe I need new duties. oops. sorry for irreverence]

Talking about first estate. Keeping our second estate depends upon keeping covenants with God.
Gift of Jesus Christ as our Savior brings a universal promise of resurrection and opportunity of eternal life - baptism and ordinances through those authorized.
Then with help of Spirit of God, we can keep those covenants.
Rightful place in a family forever is the blessing.
sorrow over children who have broken covenants.  Have Hope!
Alma and sons of Mosiah. Alma the Younger. Miracle of the Lamanites. From those examples we can receive courage and comfort.
He has made promises to us as we strive to bring those to us and to Him. Hen gathering chickens. 3 Nephi 10:5.
Depend on Savior to gather children back to Him.
Heavenly Father and Savior are the examples.
You can never force righteousness because it must be chosen.
God has sent mortal servants to help us know what we can do and what he forbids.
God has made it attractive for us to chose the right.
Despite his power to see their future, Lehi still kept his arms outstretched. Many descendants now justify that hope.
Take both the short and long view
short view there will be troubles and satan will roar.
There are things you can do early when those you love are young. Daily prayer, scripture, testimony in church.
When older they will remember the hymns they sang with you. They will remember the words of scripture they learned with you. They may wander possibly for years.
We will need the long view to be patient and have Hope.
Prophets are individuals with unique personalities. But they don't worry too much about the alarms. They know He is at the head of the church.
If you let Him be the leader of your family things will work out.
Some of Heinrich's ancestors have seemed to wander. Others get up early to work in the Temple.
Keys of the Priesthood make it so families may be forever.

Choir: "Come Oh Thou King of Kings"

[I new a former Mormon guy at work who once told me that he missed the hymns.]

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