Sunday, April 27, 2014

Davis County Regional Conference, 27 April 2014

(This is for the Church IT guys who linked to my last regional conference blog and apparently monitor Mormon blogs):

This is NOT an official transcript or publication of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I post here in no official capacity. These are merely my poor personal notes of ideas and thoughts from Regional Conference that I share with the world to bear my own personal testimony of the Lord, His restored Gospel, and the way I see things.

We went to the Stake Center even though our Stake was requested to go to the Conference Center. This was mainly at my wife's urging and I thought it was fine. We didn't use up gas and pollute the valley, nor did we risk the chance of not getting in like happened at last regional conference.

Oh, and these notes are from my smart phone, so they are briefer search-and-peck and may contain weird auto-text words I will attempt to edit out:

Stake center full
No view yet of conf center

Elder Mervyn B Arnold of the 70
Hasten the work and rescuing
Baby lamb story - died on rope
Story of the 99.
Savior knew which sheep was missing by name
When he found it he laid it on shoulders rejoicing
Each has divine destiny
Without the ordinances no man can see the face of God.
Pres. Eyring every one is called to the work to rescue the sheep
E. Anderson as you pray faces will come to you
Website hastening the work.
1 if only active member in family - ponder & pray-
2. Active family - talk together & pray
3 know every member by name & seek them out
4 bishops list [of lost sheep]

[OK, I missed the Primary General Presidency Sister because I was afraid my phone would die again before I got to Elder Anderson. As it was, I barely made it to end of his talk]

Elder L. Whitney Clayton
Salt Lake Meridian marker
Man's natural inclination is to measure [I noted to my wife that measuring is essentially "science"]
We measure selves and each other
Grandma loved pink. Children stood in doorway to measure height. Many years many marks.
Measuring growth took on meaning
How does he measure up?
Saul rejected. Samuel went to Jesse. Lord provided a king.
Look not on outward appearance but on the heart.
Temples are the metrics and measurements the Lord cares about.

Sister Kathy Anderson [Elder Anderson's wife]
Apparently they live among us.  Davis County
She goes to the Centerville Distribution Center to buy her extra copies of the Conference Ensign. (Pretty much around the corner from us)
She used to make her own copies
Cost $50
What is it worth to you to have the. Words of God's prophets?
Testimony of calling of her husband and "what I the Lord have spoken, etc.

[I told my wife that it was Elder Anderson who said not everything said at conference was always right]

E. Neil L. Anderson of the 12
Traveling up past Bountiful w Pres Packer.  Do you know about Davis county? -Pres. Packer.
Some of the very best of Gods spirits on earth live In this area. (They  were about at Farmington) 
They live in Bountiful
Faith.  Diligence. Patience.
Alma 32
Nourish the tree it shall spring up unto eternal life most precious fruit.
Spiritual qualities we seek.
Passing of seminary teacher Jarred Bangerter at bntfl high. Raised in Centerville. Born with heart and lung troubles.
Blessing: Keep worthy to be instruments in his hands
Fasting is never convenient.
Extra spiritual power in fasting and prayer.
Everyone has "drop dead syndrome" [you never know when you will die]
New youth curriculum.
We are to be in the spiritual gym learning with our children.
Pres. Eyring also lives in Davis county.
Think every night to think about what God has done in your life that day.
Jared  served a mission with his oxygen tanks.
Patience comes when we get an eternal perspective see through a celestial lens.
Two framers story. one didn't work on Sunday.
Look at harvest - the Lord doesn't balance his books in October
Where do we gain this perspective? Prayer. & in the temple.
Pres. Hinckley world is challenging - peace in the temple.
Youth can go with their own family names
Prepare youth to receive endowment as a singular event of your life.
You only live eternally. YOLE.
These things I have spoken that yet might have peace in the world. I have overcome the world.
We are all surrounded by noble examples of Christ.
Savior gave keys of the priesthood to Joseph Smith and President Monson has them today.

Elder Neil L. Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
See my notes from Regional Conference 2012 here.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your notes with us, it helped me to remember somethings I miss ed out from Stake Conference last week :)

  2. Thank you for the notes. I was asked by a family member the details of the conference little over a month ago and it was one that I had not taken my own notes. Frantically I tried to jog my memory with Google searches and found yours. I remembered the talks as I read your notes as if they had been my own.


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