Sunday, May 20, 2012

Davis County Conference

Regional Conference turned out to be all 35 65 Stakes in Davis County. At least we could watch by delayed transmission at our regular church time in our own building.

President Uchtdorf gave the statistic that there are 223,000 members in the 35 65 Stakes. US Census quick facts for Davis County say our 2010 total is 306,479 people in the whole county, so by my calculator (assuming I'm pushing the right buttons) that's 68% LDS. Of course statistical analysis being what 14% of people know it is, I don't know if the membership number includes children of record. It likely does not distinguish or exclude less-active members who do not attend meetings. But you get the general idea that there are a lot of Mormons in Davis County.

Both Elder Holland and President Uchtdorf said so. Elder Holland saying that if we can't make the church work in Davis County, we can't make it work anywhere.

Here are the highlights of their talks from my notes:

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Elder Holland - Conferences - Do they do any good?
This is Davis County - Maybe here we can talk about real accomplishment and forward motion - real growth and real change - person by person - unit by unit.

There is one tool - Words - directed by Holy Ghost infused with Priesthood power.
Romans 10:10-14 Heart of man believeth unto righteousness and with the mouth confession made unto salvation. - How shall they hear without a Preacher?

Book of Mormon - Alma 31:5   Preaching of word had a greater tendency to lead to righteousness than the sword "try the virtue of the word of God."

Lectures on Faith - Faith works by words. By words mighty works will be performed.

Sometimes this actually works - King Benjamin's sermon - Mosiah 1-6.

What can we do in Davis County to make our speaking mean something more? To make any change at all?

What actual change have I made in my life as a result of anything I heard or was asked to do in  last General Conference just a few weeks ago?
Jesus told of the wise man who built his house upon a rock and the foolish one who built upon sand. Matthew 7:24-26

We are gods and goddesses in embryo but these embryos are supposed to mature.

[On transcribing these notes, it sounds a bit stronger than it did lovingly in person. The message seems to be, "Grow up, Davis County Mormons!"]

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
President Uchtdorf -
"Church sleep is one of the healthiest" [he actually said that]

Told of moving "overseas" to Davis County which they thought would be temporary. When called to the Twelve, Sister Uchtdorf said, "Now, we're stuck!"

As a wise man said [quoting, apparently the Buddha - oddly, my second brush with Buddhism today.]
"Conquer the angry man by love.
Conquer the ill-natured man by goodness.
Conquer the miser with generosity.
Conquer the liar with truth.”

2,500 missionaries currently serving from Davis County - 223,000 members. Many not members. We should not assume everyone around us knows and understands the church - be living witnesses of values and principles - many might have disturbed perceptions - our acts, deeds and words are important - "respect them. Don't talk down our nose." "Visitors Welcome" must mean something. Don't judge, just invite them to church.

Everyone needs a friend - Pres. Hinckley - calling and nurturing by the good word of God. There are those with special needs - widows, single parents, single adults.

Participation is not attending meetings. but internalizing and practicing principles - the most essential matters. Concerned about using our time wisely.

Elder Neal A. Maxwell taught about goals and that we need to think of the outcomes we need to achieve - need to have spiritual goals.

Tithing - a law about faith like all commandments.

Church website uses technology for good - with our choices come consequences. Check out - beware of pornography, violence and ungodliness on the internet.

Concerned about hurts, ridicule, bullying - something we should not be oblivious to or turn a blind eye to it. 

Referenced Church's 2010 statement against bullying [against Gays] - bullying has no place in our society . We as members should be especially sensitive to the vulnerable in society.

[this more than compensates for the odd reference in our local, adult session of conference last night when someone I will not name made some odd reference without drawing any point to an unnamed politician's wife who raised five sons and was said never to have worked. I think it was an attempt to defend traditional families or something.] 

Addictions - check out  The booklet "Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts"
On same-gender attraction "God Loveth His Children" 

Complete conversion comes after many trials - "a life-long, noble task"

Walk the walk and not just talk the talk - relight the fires of conversion
1. Current Temple Recommend - CTR
2. Study the word of God daily - home should be a refuge to study and learn
3. Speak with your Heavenly Father daily
Trust God - He loves you - follow promptings of the Spirit - God wants you to succeed and be happy.
See my notes from the 2014 Regional Conference here.


  1. Hi! Nice summary. I wrote one on my page, too that includes the other speakers (it made for an extra-long post)- I'd forgotten "Church Sleep"! Ha!! I Loved that! Funny, I didn't interpret Elder Holland's talk as chastising us at all. I felt like he was simply encouraging us to "step up" to the next level since we have progressed so far. Davis County is a special place to live, and with great blessings come great responsibilities. It was a wonderful conference! Thanks again for your summary. You caught things that I didn't. I forgot to try tape recording it, and was desperately trying to do it long-hand giving me terrible writers cramp! Cheers! - MoSop

    1. Thanks, MoSop. I enjoyed your notes too. I may have been a little harsh on myself and my co-Davis-County-ites in my post-interpretation. I certainly did not feel that when Elder Holland was speaking. But there certainly is a challenge to "step up." Carry on!

  2. P.S. It was actually 65 Stakes! :)

    1. Corrected. Thanks. Yeah, 35 Stakes would only get us from North Salt Lake up to about Farmington.


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