Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whistling Utah's Dixie

Out for a run before the dawn yesterday, I remembered I had my camera in my luggage so I went back to get it. It was worth it.

The Santa Clara River flowing into the Virgin
Note the broken bluffs towards Zion National Park in the distance

And then the sun came

Morning Sun on the St. George Temple
I was in St. George for a work meeting Tuesday morning. My only regret is that I went down Monday evening too late to see my Aunt and Uncles down there. I did have some obligations to spend as much as Memorial Day as possible with immediate family. And I had to hustle back up to Provo yesterday afternoon because my boys had a musical event. I did e-mail my Aunt with some family history info she had requested when I got home. I owe them a call.

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