Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bachmann Backs Romney

Thank you, Michelle!

Not for supporting Romney so much, but for actually showing a little respect to the President of the United States. In her declaration of support for Romney, she reportedly said:
"There is no question in my mind Americans will go to the polls and they’ll be saying `Mr. President you’re fired!’ "
Did you catch that? She called him "MISTER President!" Wow, just wow! I guess she forgot all that "he's illegitimate and not-one-of-us" stuff she was promoting earlier.

And, In spite of her claims during the primary season that Romney couldn't beat Obama, because he invented the health-care mandate and all, she now hunkers down in the Republican bunker to support the presumptive nominee. He is better than all the other options they've had. (Well, at least since Huntsman dropped out.)

And what is it with extremely conservative Republican women that they keep invoking witches in reference to themselves? I didn't come up with this, she did in response to questioning as to when she would endorse Romney:
"As the line says in the 'Wizard of Oz,' 'All in good time, my pretty,'" Bachmann said on CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" last week. "It will happen."
So have fun down in that bunker. The Republican party is more than severely conservative. It is severely odd.

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