Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Live-Blogging the President in Afghanistan

[No banners, no flight suit, no spiking the football.]

New agreement with Afghanistan

Why we came to Afghanistan - it was here that Al Qaeda operated to attack us on 9/11.

Bin Laden escaped in 2002. We spent 8 years fighting a different war in Iraq. Over the last three years the tide has turned here. Taking out Al Qaeda leadership, including Bin Laden. Goal within our reach.

Transition to Afghan responsibility for security.

Coalition agreed, we're out in 2014.

Enduring partnership with new agreement. As Afghans stand up, they will not stand alone. Protection of human rights.

Two missions beyond 2014 counter-terrorism and training. No permanent bases in Afghanistan.

We are seeking a coordinated [? or maybe he said "durable"] peace.

Building Global consensus for peace in Afghanistan. And Pakistan should be a partner.

Firm timeline is not to build country in US image or completely eradicate the Taliban. Our goal was Al Qaeda. Afghan has to build the lasting peace.

It's been more than a decade of war. In pre-dawn light we see a new day beginning. Clear path to fulfill mission in Afghanistan.

Honor to the Troops. Support our Vets and families.

Time to renew America. A United America. Soaring towers in downtown Manhattan. One people, one nation. [but more than one leader - balance of powers and all, ya know].

"let us . . . finish the work" "just and lasting peace" [the President quotes lines from Lincoln's Second Inaugural. No accident there.]

Thank you, Mr. President!

President Obama and President Karzai today
David Gergen of CNN said it was an excellent speech - just what the country needs to hear from its President. He noted the commitment to no permanent bases. Gergen is my check for true non-partisan commentary in the media as he worked in the White House for Presidents of both parties.

A twelve-year commitment after 2014 is a bit surprising and even disturbing. But better to remain engaged than to abandon. And better to concentrate on counter-terrorism and training that occupation and nation-building. And I think he deflects national security criticism from his domestic political opponents.

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