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Live-Blogging LDS General Conference Spring 2014 - Priesthood Session

Hey, it's on TV. DirecTV, BYU TV Channel 374 in Davis Co. It's also live on here:

I'm at home in my nice easy chair. Nobody is turning out the lights. My boy still isn't home from drumline competition so this should turn out well for him to meet me here. I'm recording it, too. And we'll probably still go out for ice cream.

Did I just hear Young Women's General Presidency announced? OK. Elder Ridd is in the Young Men's General Presidency. Must be my ears.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve:
Religious Freedom [oops, jumping the gun? . . . yep]
Callings in the church - no up or down. Only forward or backward. [hmm.]
Sister Burton said we need a better understanding of the Priesthood.
He will speak of Priesthood power for men and women and glad that it's being broadcast to all
Joseph F. Smith "power of God delegated to man - to act for salvation of man"
Power by which earth created.
Same priesthood in the beginning will be in the end too
Power by which we are resurrected and obtain eternal life
Keys given to priesthood holders. Every act or ordinance in the church authorized by one with keys.
Keys both enlarge and limits. Blessing available to all. Limits by whom will be given the priesthood.
Can't ordain another without authorization from one with keys - or sacrament in home
With the exception of work in Temple by women under keys held by Temple President - every ordinance done by those ordained.
It's all under the authority of Jesus Christ.
Not all keys given to Joseph Smith - just keys to this dispensation.
Other keys not given - creation and resurrection.
Divine nature of limitations - administration - 1st Presidency authority for policies and procedures.
They hold all the keys in this dispensation. They can't alter the divinely decreed pattern that only men can hold position in the Priesthood.
1. Power of God
2. Governed by Priesthood holders with priesthood keys.
3. All other offices are appendages to the priesthood - done with priesthood authority
How does this apply to women??
While the sisters have not been given the priesthood that does not mean the Lord has not given them authority. They can do certain things that are binding and necessary for salvation as in the Temples of the Lord. [Was that Joseph F. Smith - yep]
Women have been given authority
RS has power and authority to do certain things
Done under the direction of those who hold priesthood keys.
Lord has given unto them great authority under the direction of the bishop - work both spiritually and temporally
RS not just a class, but something they belong to. an appendage of the priesthood.
When a woman acts we do not speak of priesthood authority but what other authority can it be?
Sister missionaries, teachers. Whoever functions under one who has priesthood keys exercises priesthood authority.
Forget about rights and concentrate on responsibilities.
Quotes Solzhenitsyn - defend not so much human rights as human obligations.
Only men ordained but men are not the priesthood. the greatest power cannot be exercised without a female companion - creation of life - J. Reuben Clark. This is the place of our wives and mothers- not bearers of the priesthood but organizers -compliment of the priesthood
speaking of the family - proclamation - different responsibilities but as equal partners.
It should be a FULL partnership - not silent partners or limited partner. Be a contributing and FULL partner [who is he quoting? Pres. Spencer W. Kimball]
Blessings of the priesthood are available to all on equal terms.
M. Russell Ballard - women equal too but different.
both men and women ordained with priesthood power in the Temple.
[hits it rather head on I would say]

Donald L. Hallstrom of the Seventy:
Purpose of this session is to teach what manner of men we ought to be. 3 Nephi.
New technologies have little value unless we hear the word and heed it.
Willing to act and to change.
Bad habits
We meet here because who we are is not who we can become.
We meet here in the name of Jesus Christ.
Story of an Asian Indian guy. Bro. Nulu - disabled.
What is expected of a holder of the Priesthood of God
1. need to be Priesthood men showing spiritual maturity because of covenants
Paul - 1 Cor. 13 "when I was a child - becometh a man - put away childish things."
2. We need to Serve - essence of holding the Priesthood
Thou shalt love the Lord thy God "if thou lovest me thou shalt serve me."
3. We need to be worthy. Commonly accepted practices of the world negatively affect us and our familes - and priesthood.
What manner of men ought ye to be? Even as I am. 3 Nephi
If you come unto men I will show weakness to become strong. Helaman 14.

Randall L. Ridd, 2nd Counselor in Young Men's Presidency:
Young men - the choice generation - more choices, more opportunities to do good or evil
Internet greatest tool with abundance of choice - access to the very best and the very worst the world has to offer.
What we persistently desire will become what we are - Neal A. Maxwell.
You have Agency - your power to become.
1. Knowing who you really are makes decisions easier.
2. Prayer & Scripture study. Fully charge spiritually. Every time you plug in your phone.
3. Owning a smart phone does not make you smart.
4. The Lord provides technology for his purposes - hasten his work.

Singing - ahead of schedule. "Rejoice, the Lord is King"

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf:
Story of Rip Van Winkle - 20 year sleep.
"General George Washing" [my hearing is really going.]
Takes this theme from Martin Luther King "Don't sleep through the Revolution"
Are you sleeping through the Restoration?
The Restoration is an ongoing process.
Everything he has revealed, everything he does now reveal and that He will yet reveal. Articles of Faith 9.
Will we be able to say we rolled up our sleeves and went to work or just as an observer.
[I hope nobody is falling asleep]
1. Selfishness - those who are selfish seek their own interest and pleasure above all else. What is in it for me? Self-service over selfless service - no good. Selfie is the word of the year - Oxford Dictionary. Seeking gain and praise of the world is our goal, we will miss blessing that come in service to the work of the Lord. Remedy. Whosoever will come after me, deny himself and take up the cross, lose yourself and find yourself. Unselfish, small gifts of charity. unlimited opportunities to serve fellowman including our spouse and family. Those who serve others will not sleep through the Restoration.
2. Addiction. Begin subtly. thin threads of action weaving into thick bonds of habit to addiction. Pornography, alcohol, sex, drugs, gambling, tobacco, work, internet, virtual reality. we have unlimited potential not destined to straight-jackets of our own making Addictions easier to prevent than to cure. Able to visit Air Force One. Pilot invited him to take the pilot's seat. Memories of flights [he got it in]. Almost unconsciously he placed hands on the throttle. Voice of Thomas S. Monson came from behind, "Dieter, don't even think about it." Maybe Pres. Monson read my mind. When we're tempted - listen to the loving warning of trusted family, friends, our beloved prophet and the Savior. If caught, know there is hope. Seek help from loved ones, church leaders, and counselors - LDS family services. You can break free from addiction. Jesus Christ suffered the atonement to help us to change. Keep trying. Some times it takes several attempts. Keep your heart close to the Lord. He will deliver and make you free. Keep far away from habits that can lead to addiction. then you can devote heart, mind and strength.
3. Competing priorities. A lot of energy and the cart doesn't go anywhere. sports, politics, may be good but what is the highest priority "Love the Lord thy God heart, soul, might, mind - Love thy neighbor as theyself." Even in church service we can go through the motions without the heart. We are a people who love God and our neighbor - the essence of who we are as disciples of Jesus Christ.
Apostle Paul "Awake and arise from the dead" Know that ye are sons of light. Too much at stake for us to give only a half-hearted effort.
Being a disciple of Christ is not about just one day.
Those who are faithful unto these two priesthoods - all that the father has D&C 84:33-39 [Oath and covenant of the Priesthood]
Shake off the chains of which ye are bound - arise from the dust. We are laying the foundation of a great work.
Add light of our example to the beauty of the Restoration.

President Henry B. Eyring:
We all have heroes. Particularly when we are young.
In NJ NY close with Dodgers, Yankees, Mets. In Philly, Athletics & Phillies.
Joe DiMaggio was his hero.
His father drove him to Yankee stadium.
His baseball skills never came close. The few times he hit it well, he copied his swing.
His parents put great heroes in his life. only took him once to Yankee Stadium, but every Sunday he saw priesthood hero. His father was branch president.
His father invited man in who became baptized and was Pres. Eyring's Young men's leader hero
A Marine was a hero of his. It was wartime. Watched him play sports. But even more he came to his home to teach him how to shoot a basketball. I did not realize for years, but he was a true model of a Priesthood man.
You became a lighted candle for those around you. You can be a great model, average, or a poor one.
You are the light of the world. Candle not under a bushel but on a hill.
Blessed by example of great Priesthood men in quorums.
1. Pattern of prayer - thank God for parents, teachers, who has blessed your life. It will surprise you and change you. Pray for forgiveness and you will think of others to forgive. Think of kindness and you will think of others to be kind to. When you pray, you will feel that you are a child of God. He expects you to follow his teachings - not proud or self-centered. some are models already - Temple workers. Happiness rather than fatigue - great rewards in this life for that type of priesthood service. Only a token of what they will share with those in the Spirit world. Branch President who almost every day brings people to the missionaries to teach. He is a light to others to open their mouths.
2. Models of Priesthood Service. Take heed that ye do not your alms before men. When thou doest alms let not they left hand know what thy right hand doeth" His father was a great example but he treats it with modesty because his father was modest. Same with the Marine guy. It has to do with your life that is private to all but is before God. Plead and pray for service and forgiveness. Above all remember that of all the service you can give, none is greater than to prepare them for eternal life. "and the Lord God spake unto Moses that the heavens they are many - one shall pass away - no end to my works. This is my work and my glory to bring to pass the eternal life of man"
 [OK so I missed his list of three - Prayer, Service, Example - is that it?]

President Thomas S. Monson:
How good to be with you again. Prayer for heavenly help. Thousands around the world in chapels and other settings. We have been intrusted to bear the Priesthood of God. Our opportunities are almost limitless. Challenges of our time. Moral standards tossed aside. Evil on display. Pressured by other influences - practices of a secular society. In order to make correct decisions we need courage to say "no" and "yes" when appropriate. Trend of society is moving away from our values. We will be called upon to defend what we believe. Will we have the courage to defend what we believe.
Some concern about ridicule of colleagues - reluctant to declare faith in some circumstances
Put ourselves in places and participate where our thoughts are an influence for good.
Recalls reading counsel a father gave to son. If you ever find a place where you shouldn't ought to be, Get out! close quote.
A call to courage comes constantly to each of us. Not just to momentous events.
Robert Louis Stevenson - every courage doesn't have witnesses.
Charles Swindall - courage not limited to battlefield - real tests are quieter. Inner tests to remain faithful - standing alone when misunderstood. Defend beliefs at risk of being ridiculed. He that stands steadfastly must risk becoming unpopular.
When in Navy - 18 year old seaman not of our faith, not afraid to kneel down and pray to God. He never wavered or faltered  even with ridicule.
Story in a sacrament meeting of a young man who spoke of joys of keeping commandments.
Later that same day the woman and husband who were so inspired saw him later in scuffy clothes and smoking a cig. They were disappointed and confused how he could be so convincing in Sacrament meeting.
Brethren, Are you the same person whatever you are doing?
Jabari Parker - be the same person you are in the dark as you are in the light - advice from his father.
Examples in the scriptures - the Prophet Daniel courage to pray when threatened with death.
Abinadi put to death by speaking the truth. Alma 17
2,000 stripling sons of Helaman following teachings of parents. Alma 57:21.
Moroni who had courage to the very end. Moroni 10.
Prophet Joseph had courage - chained together in Richmond, Mo. Parley P. Pratt quote of obscene jests, blasphemies - then Joseph rose up - poke in voice of thunder or lion "Silence! in the name of Jesus Christ - cease or you or I will die this instant!" Captors begged his forgiveness.
Not all acts of courage have dramatic result - but they all give comfort and assurance.
Needed is the courage of Daniel, Abinadi, Joseph Smith to do that which we now that is right.
we will all face fear, ridicule - let us all have courage to stand for principle
Courage not compromise brings God's approval.
Determination to live decently - move forward striving to live as we should
Joshua "I will not fail thee or forsake me - the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever though goest." Joshua 1:5-6.
Paul "I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" Romans 1:16.
Be thou an example of the believer in faith, charity, etc. 1 Timothy 4:12.
Word of the Lord "Wherefor now let every man learn his duty and to act in the office in which he is appointed" D&C 107:99.
Peter "a royal priesthood united in purpose" 1 Peter 2:9. and "endowed with power from on high." D&C 38:32.
Job - "While my breath is in me I will not remove my integrity from me." Job 27:5.

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