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Live-Blogging LDS General Conference Spring 2014 - Saturday PM

Watch it LIVE here:

OK. I'm back. Had to get something I remembered on to Family Search/Family Tree. Then a few more groceries came.

Pres. Eyring Conducting and Pres. Uchtdorf is doing the sustainings.

Elder Ted Callister released from Presidency of the Seventy. Lynn Robins sustained. A bunch of 70s called with very few Anglo names. Sunday School General Presidency and Board released.

New Area Seventies. Much variety of names and languages. Ted R. Callister is Pres. of the Sunday School Pres. with Devin G. Durrant as second counselor (is that the basketball player? Son of George? I loved George Durrant.)

"It's a long walk." Every time.

Audits and Stats. 3, 050 Stakes. 83K full-time missionaries, etc.

Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve:
Turbulence on flight. Pilot warning.
Woman went hysterical.
Faith is the antidote for fear.
Husband apologized and told him that he had told her that Elder Nelson was on the flight so don't worry.
Our Faith will be tested and challenged.
Sometimes with life and death encounters.
Not speaking of Faith in general but Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
In today's vernacular the word "religion" "to ligate again" - to tie back to God
Are we tied to God or something else.
Monday discussions on football. Are they tied back to some time of a bouncing ball?
Is our faith in a team, brand, celebrity. They can all fail or fade.
Only One in whom Faith is always safe - the Lord Jesus Christ.
Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.
Doubt not, Fear not.
Some only look to their bank account or fellow human beings.
Clinicians, Politicians, others tested.
Medical faculty colleague chastised him for failing to separate religious convictions from medical.
All truth emanates from God whether Science or Religion. He was being asked to hide his Faith.
He let his Faith show.
Scholars respect freedom of expression but if it's out of balance under influence of men then not of value.
Problems abound in world because it's populated by imperfect people. Many put other priorities ahead of God.
Some challenge relevance. Some mock or decry free exercise. Some blame religion for world's ills. Admittedly this has occurred but true religion is in Christ.
Straight is the gate and narrow the way - few there be that find it.
Scriptures - find and stay on course.
Infections claimed many innocent children and mothers - but answer was in Old Testament.
Man's quest for knowledge sometimes fails to heed the Lord.
Ever learning never able to come to the truth.
Prayers of Faith. Laws of Man - Laws of God should be model.
Danger in expressions like "my private life" or "best behavior" if you separate your life you may never rise to your full measure.
Temptation to be popular may take you from the word of God
Political polls are informative but can hardly be used to justify disobedience to God's commandments.
Wrong is never Right even if popular.
Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil. Darkness for light and light darkness.
50 million people can't be wrong [Frenchmen??]
His daughter Emily who has died. Cancer - she could barely speak "Daddy, don't worry about me. I know I will be alright." Her faith was showing - right when we needed it most. She was at peace despite her pending separation from children she loved.
President Monson said of course we will face fear. Courage not compromise. All men have their fears. Those that face them with faith have courage as well.
Pleads with us to increase our Faith. Proclaim our Faith. Let our Faith show.

Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve:
Has reflected on those who have influenced his life in a good way.
"for I have given unto you an example that ye should do as I have done for you." John 13:15
His parents became inactive in his youth.
His grandmother came across the country and shared her feelings about being baptized and attending church regularly. Soon he and his brother were baptized. Grandmother continued to support them. They would call her on the telephone when they had to give a talk. She would send them a talk or an outline in the mail. She had just the right amount of respect towards his father to get him to drive them to church. They knew Grandmother loved them and she loved the gospel. Her influence changed the direction of his life for eternal good
Talks about falling in love with his wife, Jeanine.
She wove into a discussion a statement that changed his life. "When I marry, it will be to a faithful, returned missionary in the Temple." he hadn't thought much about a mission until then.
He thought about it all night long. Was distracted in his studies.
They both served missions and were married in the Temple.
Example of serving the Lord first.
Neither his wife or Grandmother coerced him. They simply loved him and loved Father in Heaven.
Each courageously helped him to find the greatest path to happiness.
We must sincerely love those we want to help. So they can gain confidence in God's love. It is difficult for some to develop Faith in a God who loves them perfectly. If you love, then you can share things you have learned. Share your experiences and testimony of Jesus Christ.
Help them understand what the Lord would have them do.
Ask them questions that let them think then allow them to have sufficient time to think. Days, months even more.
Help them to understand prayers. and that answers can come from scriptures.
God's purpose is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.
Sometimes we get so wrapped up in things that we lose sight of God's objectives.
Concentrate on the basic principles [yes!]
Basic principles of the Plan of Salvation. You will understand the eternal importance and be able to share it.
You will help your loved ones to want to commit to obey all his commandments and take upon them the name of Jesus Christ.
Always seek to strengthen families. Importance of families being sealed in the Temple. For some it may take years. 10 years after he was baptized his father was. He father served as a sealer in the Temple.
Loving them is a powerful foundation for influencing those you want to help.
He had to first know his Grandmother and Jeanine loved him before he could trust them to influence them
We have to learn to trust our families. They followed Christ. They will do so again.
We all grow line upon line.
Keep your sharing of the gospel simple. Personal testimony of Jesus Christ is a powerful tool.
Commitment to Priesthood ordinances will help the direction of the Spirit to rely upon.
Concentrate on this basic principles
The Atonement of Jesus Christ helps us become more like our Heavenly Father so we can live in eternal family units.
At every appropriate opportunity testify of the Savior. Use scriptures to teach that He is the perfect example for every aspect of life.
Don't get caught up in trivial things.
We best serve by righteously influencing others and serving them.
The greatest example is Jesus Christ in his mortal ministry. He sat down with some deemed to be unworthy of his companionship. He loved and served them.
May we remember to do as he has done with others who have not yet embraced the brilliant light of the gospel.

Choir & Congregation: "We

Elder Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve:
Jesus learned to be obedient.
When we obey we show faith in Him.
He taught us to obey in simple language "if ye love me keep my commandments." John 14:15 And "Come, Follow Me." Luke 18:22.
Baptismal covenant we take His name upon us.
Every Sunday we take sacrament to renew these covenants and repent from turning away from disobedience and learning to obey again.
As we learn the Gospel we progress in our obedience.
Natural man disobedience, we turn away from him for our selfishness or influence by others.
At times we may participate in selective obedience. Picking and choosing which commandment we will fully follow. Some obey selectively because they can't see all the reasons for a commandment. Just as children don't understand Parents' counsel and rules. We know to follow the Prophets. The Savior directs the church in all dispensations.
In Gethsemane he prayed three times to have the cup pass but not as He willed, as His Father willed.
Another test on Golgotha where he could have called on legions of angels to carry him from the cross but he endured to the end.
Mature obedience is the Savior's obedience. Motivated by true love for His Heavenly Father.
"This is my beloved Son in whom I am well-Pleased"
"well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter now into thy rest"
Example to those around us includes deep personal commitment to sustain priesthood leaders and follow counsel.
Did lucifer and his followers understand the consequences of rejecting Father's plan? Why did they make such a choice? Why do any of us choose to be disobedience when we know the consequences of sin? Because they/we loved satan more than God.
It is impossible to modify God's commandments as "thou shalt not kill." Even the unborn. Many believe it is acceptable to terminate life for convenience.
We have a sacred obligation to uphold his commandments.
Joseph Smith - confound your enemies. Meet them both in public and in private. Let them bring their strong weapons against the Lord. They will not proper. Be confounded. Keep my commandments.
Joseph taught the consequences of yielding to his scribe Martin Harris - pages of the Book of Mormon. The Lord told Joseph to say no. (116 pages). Martin bound himself to the agreement. When home and pressure brought to bear he was confounded. Joseph rebuked from the Lord. Denied permission to translate. Joseph suffered and repented for yielding to the pressure of others.
Moses learned an important lesson. He took an Ethiopian wife. Miriam and Aaron complained. Lord said he would deal with Moses mouth-to-mouth.
Hiram Page told to be obedient to things given to Joseph for he receiveth even as Moses
D&C 82:10
Alma - I have said these things unto you that I might awaken in you a sense of your duty to God - be humble, submission and gentle diligent in keeping the commandments of God.

Elder Claudio D. Zivic of the Seventy:
piano playing at motivation of the mother.
Arches Nat'l Park, Delicate Arch [Yay! Park Service!]
He followed the wrong guy.

Elder W. Craig Zwick of the Seventy:
Story about move with cab of semi - Donner Pass - when they slowed, wife jumped out with baby in arms [at least nobody ate anybody] He yelled at her! "Could have been killed!" "I was just trying to save our son." She thought engine was on fire and that they would die. I guess they worked it out.
"Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth" -Paul
Anger. Public places.
"Love and treat all with kindness and civility even when we disagree" - First Presidency Letter
There exists today a deep need for people to understand and respect each other.
Our own position to include empathy for another's perspective first.
"What are you thinking?" It didn't matter who was more right. Listening and understanding more important.
God cares what we are thinking.

Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of Twelve:
Now what?
Temple and family history work essential.
If a man die shall he live again? -Job YES because of atoning sacrifice of the Savior.
Our Father's plan is about family.
Symbols of tree.
Wicked burned as stubble. Left with neither root nor branch. Malachi and promise of Elijah
At dawn of restoration Moroni emphasized this with Joseph
[Hey! wasn't this my talk in Sacrament meeting?]
The Spirit of Elijah is a manifestation of the Holy Ghost bearing witness of the divine nature of the family.
Except a man be born of the water and the Spirit he can not enter the kingdom of God
Vilate Kimball wrote to Heber on mission.
"we had the largest and most interesting conference" Prophet Joseph preached of baptism for the dead.
Vilate wanted to be baptized for her mother.
[from my research I know this doctrine was preached in Britain very soon after announced in US.]
Celestial organization in heaven is based on Families.
We need to be connected to both roots and branches.
Wilford Woodruff indicated that Joseph lived long enough to establish base for Temple work.
The sealing power was used to bless thousands in Nauvoo before leaving for West.
St. George Pres. Woodruff noted the importance of sealing ordinances finally being made available.
Grand principles worth every sacrifice.
Temples across the world.
Dedication of LA Temple Family History Library, Elder Monson, 1964. 12 Temples. Now 130 more during his work in presiding quorums.
Technology advancements.
hastening the work.
Role of technology has been accelerated by the Lord but we are still only on the threshold of what we can do.

[Speaking of family, my sister and family are on their way. They came down for Conf. with tickets for Sat. morning and Pthd. for my brother-in-law and nephew]

Youth - it's in your hands! Go to the temple and perform ordinance work. Don't underestimate the influence of the deceased in your work [Absolutely!!]

We without our roots and branches cannot be saved [new way to put that]
Families could hold a family tree gathering. bring cherished photos & docs.
Joseph Smith preached on Oct. 11, 1840 that in baptisms for the dead "we act as agents" for deceased in receiving this ordinance.

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