Saturday, July 6, 2013

Chris Stewart, Politician - But Not that Great of One

Sitting here tonight in thunderstorms grateful for the water on my lawn and gardens, my mind wanders a little south to the outdoor amphitheater where Glenn Beck is to be holding his 'man in the moon' extravaganza. He declared a miracle, a sign of approval from above, when a flock of geese flew over his last rally in DC. I know it would be really, really wrong to pray for a lightning strike. And I suppose if he lucks out and he doesn't get washed out he'll claim the miracle again. But my issue is with Congressman Chris Stewart, Utah 2nd Dist.

Why bring up Beck? Well, the problem is Congressman Stewart is a good ol' buddy of Beck's.

Chris Stewart - old buddy of Glenn Beck
P.T. Barnum admitted his success was based on "a sucker born every minute." I'm just trying to figure out whether Stewart is consciously in on Beck's hucksterism or is one of those guys born every minute. Of course Anonymous D and even I are not even sure if Beck doesn't really believe his own paranoid, manic delusions.

And then there was the Fourth of July Centerville Parade. Before the gerrymandering, Congress Bishop was almost always in the parades. It was great to have a chance to yell something out to him and have that direct congressman-constituent contact (just verbal). A while back I shouted out for immigration reform, "Secure the borders! Pathway to citizenship! Guest workers!" He held out his finger, "The first one first." I replied, "No! All three together!" And that was Democracy in action.

Congressman Stewart did not appear in this year's parade. And I was all ready to yell out the simple phrase, "Pass the Senate Immigration Bill!" It's not a great bill but it's on the right track of the three things I was yelling about above - the principles supported by the President, Senator McCain (a couple of flips ago and then again now), and the Utah Compact supported by the LDS Church. Of course Congressman Stewart is against it seeing how he was put up there by the tea party and all.

Apparently, Stewart is in town this holiday, but he is lecturing for Beck's man-in-the-moon fiesta. Did I mention that Beck's whatever displays mementos of the good and bad "history" of America? It includes a copy of Mein Kampf, a Nazi banner from Nuremberg, and the shotgun used by Charles Manson. I'm assuming those are the "bad" parts of our history, but one can never be quite sure with Beck and his leaps of fancy. It seems to me they are more a sick, teenage boy's fascination than any valuable part of history to be viewed.

I miss ol' Congressman Bishop. I never thought I'd say that.

Congressman Rob Bishop, Utah 1st District
Great Style in the Congressional Cliché of Former Speaker Tip O'Neil
Addendum 7/7/13
Both the D-News and the Trib gave cautiously favorable accounts of Beckmania. I would really like to know what the reporters really thought without taking into consideration their readership fringe.

I do note for the record that the storm caused cancellation of the dress rehearsal which some had paid a lot extra to see and a couple of the props were damaged. His fans were wearing garbage bags for rain gear. The mooning of Utah went on.


  1. From the little I've read of the actual text of Beck's show it sound as if it were written by a moody 14 year old.
    Anonymous D

  2. I get the feeling the Beck sits around listening to old "My Turn On Earth" cassettes and thinks, "Wow, this is good stuff! How can I make this work for me?"


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