Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Munchkins on the March

Munchkin Soldiers a little "fuzzy" on how they will help
Dorothy. In the movie - not so much.
So I get on Facebook and there's a fan request asking why I haven't blogged on Senator Mike Lee threatening to shut down the government so he can kill the wicked ol' Obamacare. Great. All we need are fans.

And I was meaning to get to it. The question sort of answers itself that our very own junior senator and Mayor of Munchkin City in the County of the Land of Oz is rallying his troops to filibuster any federal spending that is to start with the new fiscal year on October 1 unless they delete all funds for
that evil program to promote private health insurance.

Of course that gives them just the excuse they need to kill all the evil of any form of government. Because heaven knows we can't pay for the benefits we receive, free people that we are! And government must tighten its belt to preserve tax breaks for the corporate wealthy and prevent any help to anyone who might need opportunities for education, low-interest student loans, subsidies for water, power, highways, airlines, clean air, wholesome recreational activities, farm produce, milk price supports, trade protections, fraud protections, etc., etc. The list goes on and on.

The good junior senator has a lot of experience with budgets and fiscal matters. The newspapers also report that the Utah family home he bought in 2008 for $1.2 million was subject to a short sale by the bank and both he and the bank lost money. Oh, and his former law firm just went broke. Of course, he explained this was all go so he could "relate" to all the financial pain the average Utahn is suffering. Yeah. All us average Utahns living in million-dollar-plus houses (to my friends Back East and in California, that's still one-percent territory around here).

Our munchkin senator has thirteen others ready to support him in the senate!! Thirteen! wow! The true power of the munchkin caucus (tea party) revealed!

Ding-dongs! The party's dead!

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