Saturday, July 13, 2013


After a busy day attending the Farmington Parade (Farmington can't seem to decide if it is celebrating the 4th or the 24th, so they have their parade in between), babysitting, napping, house-cleaning, temple, wedding reception, etc., my wife says that her Kohl's cash is about to expire and asked if I wanted to go with her.  I said, "Sure!"  

While not the world's greatest shopping fan, I had my own list. Kohl's has a great sales rack and I could always use another blue polo shirt. And I could also use a white, flat cap for summer. And it's always good to check their rock t-shirt sales. And then I found it. The greatest t-shirt ever!! (See above). By the time we applied all the Kohl's cash and discounts, it came out to about $1.50! List price is $20, but Kohl's has it marked down to $8 - if you can find one.

There weren't that many or many size selections so my brief temptation with the entrepreneurial spirit to buy them up cheap and hike up the resale here on the blog dissipated pretty quickly. It would fit the themes of the blog with the "Peace" and all. But how could I make money off of John and "Imagine?" (We'll just leave that to Yoko).

Which brings me back to the Farmington Parade and the entrepreneurial spirit. Utah, at least in small-town Davis County, is pretty laid-back mostly in a good way (not necessarily all Libertarian - let's just not go there). The parade people still throw candy at kids without getting sued. And there are all kinds of family-group hucksters walking the parade route selling water, sodas, and Otter Pops at highly inflated prices without any regulation or even licensing as far as I can tell.

I just couldn't do it. It was bad enough when I had to sell stickers for Little League, tickets for Scout-a-rama, or any variety of school or band fundraisers. It was always easier to just buy up my assigned quota myself - like the Bicentennial plastic cups for band. We never did sell enough to go to Disneyland - but Lagoon was still a go.

Meanwhile, I scored the world's best t-shirt ever! I'm never taking it off!

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