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Priesthood Session LATE Blogging: October 1, 2011

This is now online for all to watch. It was probably online live.

While our chapel has now gone wireless, and I know the password, I think I will still refrain from live-blogging the priesthood session on my netbook which could prove too much of a distraction to others. Although it might keep me and others more awake. I'll just have to try and scribble some notes in the inevitable darkness (they turn out all the lights to watch the screen!). And I'll try to blog highlights later.

I still don't know why they don't just broadcast it on TV. It's not any big secret or anything. To the credit of the LDS Institute at the U, they will rebroadcast at 9 pm so people can see it after the football game with the U of Washington Huskies. We'll see if any of my boys make it up there.
So I'm off with my son-in-law, brother-in-law, and his friend, and on to Arctic Circle after (because Dairy Queen is way too crowded). I have a sneaking suspicious my younger boys may show up before we head out for ice cream.

Much later:
The strangest part was when we went in to sit in the folding chairs just past the chapel, two rows ahead of us were four sisters. It was making a lot of old guys fidget a little uncomfortably. One guy went up and talked with them and we overheard them explain that they were there to hear the choir which was a Priesthood choir from Pleasant Grove. And in the final number, I did see my boy's band leader, Caleb Chapman. Anyway, the sisters left [after the choir's opening number].

On to my notes. They kept the lights on in the cultural hall so I could see to write! Had to be a first. Also, President Uchtdorf did not tell one pilot story which was just fine.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Twelve
Speaking candidly especially to the young men.
First Vision - we tend to gloss over the adversary who sought to destroy.
1. Satan, Lucifer, Father of lies - whatever you want to call him is real - the personification of evil
2. He is eternally opposed to the love of God - Atonement and the work of peace and salvation. He knows he will lose but determined to take down as many as he can.
Tactics - experience in grove is instructive - bind tongue of the faithful

we are looking for men who care enough to sign up and speak up - weapons are every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God -looking for missionaries - especially men of the Aaronic Priesthood. Elder Holland gets a little in your face as a coach would - need to be more morally clean - God will not be mocked.  You can't be bound by immorality and teach repentance.
You can be forgiven - Miracle of Forgiveness - Atonement - be active and clean.

And we need more senior missionaries. You can leave recliner and remote and sisters can leave their grandchildren. Stronger and more devoted voice for good - faith - Gospel
Unbind tongues and the work will go forward.

Bishop Keith B. McMullan of the Presiding Bishopric [and our former Stake President]
Duty - Priesthood brothers admonished. The Lord's duty is the will of the Father. The authority of the priesthood has been dispersed throughout the earth. The Power of the priesthood needs to be better strengthened.

Elder W. Christopher Waddell of the 70
Missionary stories. Elder from Spain goes to Arizona and meets less active returned missionary who served in Spain and discouraged because he only baptized one - the missionaries dad - and all the family is active and faithful.
A mission is training ground for life and into the eternities. Returned missionaries rededicate yourselves.
Missionaries should
1. arrive on your mission with your own testimony of the Book of Mormon.
2. arrive worthy of companionship of the Holy Ghost.
3. arrive ready to work.

President Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency
The big news here is there was absolutely no mention of airplanes.
Welfare program of the church helped his family after WWII for which he is eternally grateful.
75th Anniversary of the Welfare Program
Care for poor and needy - become self-reliant - serve others - very root of our faith and devotion.
Remember poor and needy - if we take of abundance and impart not to the poor we shall be with wicked in hell and torment.
Many good people and organizations but the Lord's way is different.
Always includes self-reliance and service to neighbors as well as care for the poor
Story of flood in Arizona when President Kimball was Stake President - ask for church help they came and had members help themselves rather than disperse money.
This very hour there are members suffering. This is not someone else's responsibility. It is mine and yours and all of us. All means all.
In the Lord's plan everyone can contribute - rich and poor under same obligation to help
Priesthood is available to all around the world
Relief Society sisters too
Don't wait for water to pass - build a bridge.
Great Depression - Harold B. Lee told by Lord you don't need an organization you have the priesthood.
Approach subject  to be taught with the humility of a child
June Ensign - Provident Living website
Every area in church is different. use Lord's plan to match local circumstances - look to handbooks, hearts and heaven - use all resources available - put the priesthood to work.

President Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency
Priesthood preparation - our own and for others
Recognize preparation and draw comfort from it.
We were taught and chose the plan we now have to relearn in this life.
First he calls people young and old who appear to be weak and simple.
His bishop took him as a priest to help with widow who needed help with budgeting
Need to be weak and simple enough to be teachable.
Paul to Timothy (he notes the third time this scripture is mentioned today so it must be important) be thou an example of the believer
Be prepared for priesthood service that will come to us.
push on through fatigue and fear - spiritual staying power to work past the part where others would have taken rest.
Story about him and Bro. Holland carrying President Kimball out of a meeting when he didn't want to be a distraction and asked if they should go back to the meeting.

President Monson
"This place is full" (looking around) great brotherhood of the priesthood
D&C 121:36 priesthood connected to the powers of heaven
Precious privileges and solemn responsibilities
Surrounded by much that would tempt us to destruction.
No longer are most other's standards similar to ours

Study interviewing young adults revealing on moral choices  - they had no skills to cultivate moral choices. - there should be no doubt among us.

Quotes Tennyson "My strength is as the strength of ten because my heart is pure" [Galahad? yes]
Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life in Nephi 8 - some ashamed because of the pride of those in the Great and Spacious Building

Navy Story about basic training (thought the Navy was trying to kill him) first Sunday in boot camp - his drill master sent off the Catholics, then Jews, then Protestants. He just stood there because he wasn't any of those. He thought he was all along but then the drill master said, "And what do you guys call yourselves?" He looked around and he wasn't alone "Mormons" they all said. Since that day there were days when no one was standing behind him.

Quotes Pres. Benson on being a marked generation.
We represent some of the strongest children of our Heavenly Father.
If any have stumbled, there is a way back. Repentance - Our Savior gave his life to provide the gift.
Isaiah "though sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow"
If we have a testimony it is incumbent upon us to share it.

He went to Dallas in 1957 for a convention. He was on a bus tour in which all the churches were pointed out. Question asked, "What do the Mormons believe?" The bus driver had no idea other than that they met there. Driver asked if anyone knew? Pres. Monson had to explain church.

Honor the priesthood - know what you believe - 3 Nephi - hold up your light - the Lord is the light that you should hold up

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