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LIVE BLOGGING! LDS General Conference Notes: Saturday Morning, October 1, 2011

I have my Cheese Nips and Diet Coke supplies. My UofU boy went off to his game-day activities. My Viewmont (BYU fan) boys are going off with the marching band competition soon to be followed by their mom as the uniform mom. I already took the old, Dodge van to Jiffy Lube so I did a Saturday chore if anyone is keeping points (apparently not). I saw the Jiffy-Lubers struggling to open the side, sliding door. I told them, "Don't open that door. If you do, it won't go back on." They gave up on it. The green van looks like it might keep going for a few more miles.

The pre-conference ads [not official church sanctioned but this is KSL] on Nashville songs for missionaries and newly digitized Book of Mormon cartoons.

On to conference:
Elder Richard G. Scott, Quorum of the Twelve
Difficult Challenges in mortal probation
two tools - one set are the Scriptures [Did I miss the second one? or is the Holy Ghost, essential to understand and testify of truth]
We have ready access to guidance through the standard works: old and new Testaments, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants and Pearl of Great Price - pure truth - we need not be concerned about contents because they come through the Holy Ghost - strength of authority to our declarations when cited correctly - always there when needed - foundation of truth awakened by the Holy Ghost - learning, memorizing, etc. is filling a filing cabinet to be called on whenever. Scriptures are like a friend.

A Psalm gives him comfort "The earth is the Lord's . . .  Holy Place - He that hath clean hands and a pure heart. . . ." Pondering a scripture like that gives a great foundation to life. A memorized scripture becomes an enduring friend  not weakened by time.

Potent power to heal emotional problems. Different meanings at different times of our lives for different purposes. [must be by influence of the Holy Ghost]  Use, study, mark

Use the Old Testament. Samuel on burnt offerings - to obey is better than sacrifice - trust in the Lord with all they heart. Fear Lord, depart from evil. Happy is the man that findeth wisdom and getteth understanding.

New Testiment - Love the Lord with all heart - love thy neighbor as thyself - Simon, when converted strenghthen thy brethren - Cock shall not crow thrice and Peter wept [string of scriptures quoted - long quote on Peter]

D&C - seek not to declare my word but seek first to obtain my word - tongue loosed - spirit & word

Book of Mormon truth with clarity and power - Be temperate in all things - faith, hope & charity - And Charity quotes from Moroni 7 including similarity to Paul by Moroni :48

Story of wife loving the Book of Mormon [he is widowed, still not remarried I believe] Still very sensitive about missing his wife
Christmas gift to family was audio recording of Book of Mormon. Testimony of Book of Mormon - It is true.

Sister Barbara Thompson, Second Counselor Relief Society Presidency
Listening to conference while in college. Heard a fervent testimony confirmed by Holy Spirit. No doubt that Savior lived and was Son of God. Baptized at 8, more important now.

Challenges and experiences tell us we need the Holy Spirit. Refers to Lehi teaching his family. Nephi's question- "Have ye inquired of the Lord?" "Ask in faith believing ye shall receive."

The way is clear - desire, not harden hearts, believe that we will receive an answer. Does not mean that every question we ask of God will be answered immediately in detail but it will come in the Lord's time.

D&C 6 explains many ways in which we can receive revelation - in mind and heart - spirit of revelation [D&C 8] Personal revelation will come as we study the scriptures - or hearing a beautiful Primary son.

Eliza R. Snow given responsibility by B. Young to teach sisters - she said go forth and do your duties and seek guidance from the Holy Ghost.

Pres. Uchtdorf says testimony does not always come with overwhelming force but over time [road to Damascus talk last conf.]

Struggles and challenges are helped by our testimony - reference to "Daughters in my Kingdom" new RS book. German sister who shared her food with POW. She said, didn't keep her testimony "Testimony kept me."

Elder Bednar - seek and apply spirit of revelation - some times intense and sudden other times delicately and not consciously recognized but it will illuminate and enlarge soul.

Lord desires to bless us and we must desire to receive personal revelation not harden hearts and keep commandments.

L. Whitney Clayton, Presidency of the Seventy - Growth of the Church
Young missionary in Peru. Admired presidential palace. recently visited as a GA. Growth of church has been phenomenal
Daniel interprets King Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the stone cut out of the mountain that broke apart the image of a man and the stone filled the whole earth.
Angel Moroni first appeared to Joseph Smith and astonished Joseph that his name would be known for good or ill in all the earth - Joseph 17 years old - the restored gospel is the stone that will fill all the earth.

Wilford Woodruff - the prophet called on all who held the priesthood into a small log house - there was testimony of the work the Prophet said that they knew no more of the future of this work - you don't comprehend it - it will fill North and South America and the the world

85 years ago Elder Ballard dedicated South American in Buenos Aires. Now there are 23 Stakes in BA. 3,000 Stakes in the world today, 29,000 wards and branches.  every year church spreads farther.

President Hinckley they used to say sun never sets on the British Empire, now it never sets on the church.

Book of Mormon has key to growth - time will come when the knowledge of a Savior will spread through every tongue and nation. Testimony of Christ. The real reason this church grows. His church is that stone cut without hands.

President Thomas S. Monson
"Hello!" laughter [apparently he was late, arriving during the opening song]
Welcome to Conference - 48 years since he was called as an Apostle by Pres. McKay
Time passes so quickly - highlights  include rededicating Atlanta temple
In August Pres. Eyring dedicated El Salvador, San Salvado Temple
Pres Uchtdorf will dedicate Temple in Que   Guatemala (don't spell it!) [He must be aware of us bloggers]

Sadness of Provo Tabernacle fire - will be built as a new Temple!

Colombia, Durban South Africa, and Star Valley Wyoming, (good fishing there!) [Did I miss one?] [Yeah, one for the Congo] land acquired for Paris France Temple.
General contribution fund for Temple Patron attendance

Elder  [missed the name]
[I got distracted - always excited about Temple announcements, especially Provo downtown, then I had my phone buzz, thought it was my brother and called him which was good because he's been trying to get my daughter's phone number in Provo cuz they have conference tickets. But my daughter's text message was about not being able to follow my blog because she doesn't have internet on her phone and she's at work. So, sorry I got confused and missed this good brother's talk. We'll have to check it out elsewhere.]

President Boyd K. Packer [sitting - is that an oxygen line or some ear device?]
Poem about an old crow.
With all the moral decline youth of the church are being raised in enemy territory - but need not fail nor fear
Remembers announcement of Pearl Harbor but went ahead with his life - youth may feel uncertainty - the family depends on the worthy use of those powers given in your body.
Quoting from the Family Proclamation on procreation and gender. Lucifer and followers denied mortal body. Most serious temptations relate to creating bodies. All beings who have bodies have power over those who do not like the adversary.

He went off to WWII unsure of testimony but relied on Seminary teachers who had one. He sought for a patriarchal blessing. He found answers and instruction. short quote - be guided by Holy Spirit and warned of danger. If you heed and keep commandments you will be united with loved ones. The IF seemed as big as a whole page. Reading Book of Mormon - voice of Spirit comes as a feeling rather than a sound "listen" to what is felt rather than heard. Nephi - still small voice and can be past feeling. The gift of the Holy Ghost will guide protect and correct actions - it comes into the heart. Prophet Enos - it came in the heart. You will not make a major mistake without first being warned by the Holy Spirit [who did he say said that?]

If you make mistakes you can become pure again. The Lord will remember them no more. If the adversary takes you prisoner you hold a key that can open the door from the inside. You can be washed clean through the atoning sacrifice of our Savior - repentance can heal what hurts no matter what it is. Assert your independence and your agency

In enemy territory but you will be safe IF you heed the Holy Ghost - dress modestly, uplifting music, avoid all immorality.

The strength of his testimony has changed. He leans on others physically now but not spiritually because he knows it as one of His special witnesses. The outcome of the battle is not in question, Lucifer will loose.  The Lord will reveal to his servants the prophets [Amos 3:7] The Prophets and Apostles hold all the keys. Senior Apostle Pres. Monson only authorized to exercise all the keys.

Don't be tempted that the end of the world is coming and you don't have a chance to do the things you want -that's "nonsense" follow principles and you will have all the blessings of family etc. - even up to great grandchildren!
[Well, he's not going out without a fight. Way to go, President Packer!]
[I remember hearing him at a Stake Conference at the outbreak of the First Gulf War (1991?) when he said not to worry because it was not the end of times]

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the First Presidency
Encourage young people to heed President Packer
Blessed to have President Monson as our true and living Prophet.
Temple announcements show how church is moving forward
Story of Moses - spoke with God face to face - Moses fell to the earth and lost his strength and then knew that man is nothing. - the more we learn about the universe, the more we learn that man is nothing.
King Benjamin - retain in knowledge that God is great and man is nothing.
We see the magnificent universe, but God himself said we are the reason he created it. all built for the benefit of ordinary mortals like you and me. His sons and daughters. Compared to God man is nothing yet we are everything to God - we have a spark of eternal fire burning in our breast.

The adversary appeals to our prideful tendencies and sells us on our "invincibility" because of birthright, social status, etc, that we are our own rules - Lincoln loved poem - "oh why should the spirit of mortal be proud" Compared to eternity our experience is but a small moment. Pile up currency of entire world and could not buy a loaf of bread in the economy of heaven.
quotes Mosiah 3:19

Satan also deceives through discouragement - we are two small to take notice and are forgotten especially by God.

Story about training in Texas with USAF (German/Czech background) Terrified to have to compete against native English speakers. Sought out local branch. Worked on new meeting house. taught in church. He felt very insignificant but never thought that the Lord had forgotten him. He was doing the best he could and his heart was inclined towards God.

The Lord doesn't care about marble halls or stable stalls - the Lord will use us for his purposes if we incline our hearts to him. Some of the greatest who ever lived will never be remembered by history - they are those doing good.

Story of couple man worked at steel mill in Utah. He read scriptures. others disrespected - man never was negative against them. His influence extended deeply to those who knew him. He died sacrificing for others. His wife suffered from illness. She never complains but spends days blessing the lives of others. This couple would be first to say they were not important, but the Lord uses a skill very differently. The Lord knows them. Their actions are witnesses of Him.

We may feel insignificant or alone but always remember that we matter to HIM
1. God loves the humble and meek for they are greatest in the kingdom.
2. The Lord entrusts his gospel to be proclaimed by the simple and weak -
3. No matter how humble circumstances may appear, you are not invisible to your Heavenly Father. He loves you. He knows your heart and your service.
4. Please understand that what we see and experience now is not what we will experience forever. He will neither forget nor forsake. Have Hope and Faith in that promise. Be disciple in word and deed. Paul - eye hath not seen nor ear heard what God has prepared for those that love him.

He sees you as His child. He wants you to know that you matter to Him.


  1. Glad you're doing this. I like to watch conference with virtual friends, but the coverage elsewhere is snark rather than devotional. Thanks for this.

  2. Thanks, Ardis!! That's a great compliment. I think you're hitting on why I feel uncomfortable in some online communities. There's got to be a fine line somewhere. The one I found is like a tightrope, but it's where I feel comfortable, honest, and yes, even spiritual.

  3. Elder Jose L. Alonso's repeatedly emphasized that we should "Do the right thing, at the right time, without delay." (I think that is how he said it). He spoke of this in reference to serving others, and probably other settings that I missed during my trips to the washer and dryer to keep the laundry going.


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