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LIVE BLOGGING! LDS General Conference Notes: Sunday Morning, October 2, 2011

You could be watching live here. The Choir broadcast is already streaming live.

My second youngest boy, age 17, went off with friends to the morning session. Now we all have to watch the crowd shots closely for him. Let's hope he's not at the top for the final smile. (Probably the engineers are watching for something like that.)

You never know who to expect from family dropping in for conference and the eventual Sunday dinner. Most likely, the grandsons will be by. In-laws not coming so we can cook the ham (sodium issues). Which means I now get to peel potatoes.

Spuds peeled. On to Conference:
President Uchtdorf conducting.
President Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency
We all have the same, sacred charge since baptism. That we would become willing to morn those that mourn and stand as witnesses. [Mosiah 18:9]
1. Charitable
2. Witnesses of God
3. Endure

Charity - recent day of service (Did I miss that? My boy reminds me we did the roof of an elderly couple. only two people fell off - no one injured).

Witness - chance to speak at a university. Warned it would be a set-up. He realized he had to be a bold witness of Jesus Christ in the face of peril [like Book of Mormon prophets]. He researched and talked about the humanitarian work of both the church and the particular university. The University President that evening in a speech said he had heard the word of God. Examples in Book of Mormon. Miracles happening in every Sacrament Meeting and class he attends. Personal testimonies come from deep within hearts.

Endure. To keep the commandments of God as long as we live. Visited with friend in hospital. She seemed to savor moment as if time had stopped. She greeted Pres. Eyrings daughters and honored them. She had spent her life in service to children. Another man who could have thought it was time to retire from life as he was dying of terminal cancer. Pres. Eyring came to give blessing and the guy was dressed in Sunday best including shoes "to take up his bed" and go to work. He soon returned to work with his Father [passed on].

Final testimony of Moroni. [Moroni 10?] Story of conversion through Moroni 10:4. Drink deeply and often of its pages [Book of Mormon]

Elder Robert E. Hales of the Twelve [sitting and not looking too well]
Solemn witness of the Atonement of Jesus Christ
Has been studying Atoning Sacrifice
Lord's preparation began in premortal life. He continues to exercise his agency to follow his Father's plan. Earthly life and agony of trial and crucifiction He was waiting on his Father.
Often pondered why the Son of God had tribulations along with all others when they are trying to do the Father's will - like the Prophet Joseph Smith - he cried out yet followed his agency to wait upon the Lord - Pioneer forebearers followed prophet. Why? our purpose on life is to grow, be strengthened?

We wait upon the Lord.   Psalm 123:2  [My son-in-law suggested I use scriptures on line to search thise out]
Follow spirit. stand fast in faith. relying alone upon the merits of Christ. We are immovable in keeping commandments.
Testimony of Job
We pray to have patience but we want it right now (laughter).
There are many who wait upon us - children, family, siblings, spouses - [of course they're waiting for things like repentance, forgiveness and understanding]
Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these . . . 
Be kinder to one another and kinder to ourselves
quoting Mosiah 3:19
Apostolic testimony that we are not alone - His angels are round about us to bear us up
Isaiah 40:31 Those that wait up on the Lord - rise on wings of eagles - [this must be his source.]

Tad R. Callister of the 70 [just released yesterday]
Simple choice of Book of Mormon. It is either of God or the devil [unless you don't believe in eiher one!]
Helaman 5:12
Book of Mormon essential even if we have the Bible with the same message. It is because they interpret the Bible differently. Paul declared one Lord, one faith, one baptism.
Bible is one point, Book of Mormon is second point to draw the straight line
Book of Mormon explains proper mode of baptism
Amos 3:7 God speaks to prophets

[My 14-year-old boy is now typing away on his mom's netbook as my son-in-law is on his laptop for his seminary assignment to take notes on conference. My daughter is working on some craft project and we are all shouting out scripture references. Their mom is working on the dinner. Digital-family Sunday conference viewing. Fortunately, all the scriptural references will be in the published texts of these talks soon to be online.]

Elaine S. Dalton, Young Women's General President
Speaking to sons and daughters raising a daughter. [three sons just had daughters - did I get that right?]
Most important thing is to love her mother.
Live after the manner of happiness - Temple - take your daughter to the Temple
Preside in love and righteousness - Family Proclamation
Virtue - Join with young women in practicing virtue - let virtue garnish thy thoughts D&C 121:45
Be an active part of her life.
You are not ordinary men. You qualified to be leaders and have the priesthood in the premortal world.
Pictures of the girl babies (ahh!)
Book of Mormon Abish converted by her father's testimony.
Captain Moroni - if all men . . .

Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Twelve
Importance of names.
naming of the church 3 Nephi 27
Full name of the church is important - reference to Pres. Packer's talk last conference on this.
Church needs to be known by the name of the Lord
It is long but a clear explanation of the church

The Church - unique position
of Jesus Christ - it is his church - 3 Nephi 27
of Latter-day - same church as Jesus established but restored in these days -
Saints - members follow him and keep his commandments and prepare to live with him. Those who seek to make their lives holy.

remember to retain his name written in your heart.

Nicknames have their place too. "Christian" was first a nickname. "Mormon" can be confusing because of other spinter groups. No polygs have any affiliation with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Discourage "Mormon Church" term but OK to refer to us as "Mormons."

As in "I'm a Mormon - a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" - or abbreviated, "a member of the Church of Jesus Christ"

[so, I just changed my blog banner if only to add my membership in the church as prompted by Elder Ballard]

President Monson
delighted to have Elder Hales with us "We love you, Bob!"
I've lived for 84 years now - born the year Lindbergh flew
For those who remember dial telephones and manual typewriters - - [so that makes me old?]
Now behaviors that were not previously tolerated are now considered acceptable
"All you need is Love" - the Beatles [Pres. Monson quotes the Beatles, not entirely positive but actually rather in light humor]
"Buy it, spend it, flaunt it, because you're worth it" - also viewed with disfavor.
Do we wring our hands in despair and wonder how we'll ever survive? No
Morality is not passé. We have a conscience and we have our agency.
Ten Commandments are still valid and he goes through the list. Exodus 20.
Our Father in Heaven is the same yesterday, today and forever.
His constancy is something on which we can rely.
It may appear others are having more fun.
I declare there is nothing that could bring more joy or more peace than the Spirit that can come to us as we follow the Savior and keep the commandments.
The natural man receiveth not the things of God - I Cor. 2:17
The storms will still beat at our doors. We will be better equipped to learn and overcome if we have the gospel at our core.
"The work of righteousness shall be peace"
In the world but not of the world it is necessary to communicate to our father through prayer 3 Nephi 18

Gained testimony of prayer at about 12. Had worked and saved 5 dollars. Gave the coins to his father and got a 5 dollar bill in exchange. He had something specific to purchase but now can't remember what it was. At the time, they did not have a washing machine. So his mom would send it to laundry and it would come back wet to be hung to dry. Jeans sent to laundry with money still in pocket. (facial expressions). Was sure it would be lost. Chances were slim. Went to mother (more facial expressions). In his extremity he prayed to keep the money safe in the pocket - two very long days later - he grabbed wet jeans and reached in pocket and - all is lost - and then his fingers touched that wet five dollar bill. Offered a prayer of gratitude.

[my 14-year-old pops up with "and then I found 10 dollars!" - inside family joke. I was telling them the other night how I had thrown away some candy wrappers from my pocket then went upstairs and had the impression to go back down to the trash because I had also thrown out a ten dollar bill with the wrappers. I recovered it. My college girl said that is how you end a boring story, "And then I found ten  dollars!" - President Monson's story wasn't boring. The point being that the Lord can help inspire us with the Spirit with simple, practical things, even if he also allows us to work out a lot of things on our own.]

August 1987 dedication of Frankfurt Germany Temple. He had impression to call on a brother to speak. He hadn't seen the brother in attendance. Passed notes to learn that he was not in attendance. But he was still inspired to call on him to be a speaker. He trusted in the inspiration. He announced the choir, prayer and the first speaker. (facial expressions about glancing at Elder Asay - who had passed the note). The brother was inspired to head for the Temple. And he arrived just in time to hear Elder Monson's announcement that he would be the next speaker.

Stand in Holy Places and be not moved D&C 87
Fear thou not for I am with thee.

[And I just got a text from my son at the Conference Center "And then I found 5 dollars!"]

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  1. (Anon/M) Everyone gets a different message from the Conference talks. For me, it was Elaine S. Dalton's quote "...and we live after the manner of happiness..." I will make it my motto for the next six months. I also focused on her talk because I always felt I was born to raise strong, intelligent girls and knew nothing about boys. So I got four boys and only one girl. But she is a choice spirit.


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