Sunday, October 16, 2011

Emergency! Everybody to Get from Street! Or - "Can't We All Just Get Along?"*

There is common ground between the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement. I first found the following diagram originating here:

That's maybe a bit simplistic, yet it gets to one of my principal concerns in that the more powerful a money-interest is, the more power it seems to have on elected officials regardless of the voting public. And, of course, huge amounts of money tend to influence the voting public buying up all the attention. A bit more common sense and education can help us out there in an ideal world. I'm just not sure either the Occupiers or the Tea Partiers have the common sense or education to do it.

We can still hope, though. Here's another Venn diagram, a bit more developed, from David Weigel at Slate:

Look at that. Right dead center again (well, just below Facebook which I'm still going along with) is "Anti-crony capitalism." Yep. That's common ground I can live with even if about the only thing in the middle on that chart I like (oh, yeah. Facebook too). I agree with a couple of things on the TP side and maybe just a few more moderately on the OWS side. While I'm not a big fan of civil disobedience, I'm not a big drum circle kinda guy either.

And we're still looking for support with the new Perfect Union Party I'm advocating - private ownership of property and production in a democratically regulated system to provide equal opportunity as the People decide though our representative government (i.e., republic). Our current Constitution need not be amended nor trashed for that to work. We just need to clean ourselves up a little in engaging in the process of, by, and for ourselves and each other.

*Title quotes from "The Russians Are Coming, the Russians are Coming" (1966).

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