Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dontcha Hate It When I'm Right?

Palin says she's not running for President. And as a final blow from the liberal, lame-streamers, Steve Jobs, the Thomas Edison of the iPod, dies and steals her headlines.


So, just to give her one more chance at fleeting fame and fortune, I add here the most amazing report to come out of her association with the McCain campaign. Apparently, there were some in the campaign (well, maybe at least one) considering the option as to whether they could prevent her from being sworn in as Vice President in the event McCain won. They apparently realized long after it was too late for any vetting that she was a few ice blocks short of an igloo. It all became moot, of course. But what an amazing revelation! The story was strongly denied by others in the campaign.

The funniest part of this is that earlier today I was practicing my blog headline with Anonymous/D just in case she did actually run.

Deep Breath. And a big sigh of relief. And Romney's having a big party tonight.

Steve Jobs, rest in peace. And thanks for iTunes and the iPod.


  1. She's not crazy, she's just drawn that way ...

  2. Have you seen Andrew Sullivan's reaction? He says, "It is hard to describe the relief of this awful person finally going away." I hope he's right.

  3. (Anon/M) The irony of Steve Jobs "stealing her headlines" is that we hear his "Gettysburg Address of all commencement speeches" over and over on the news and it makes anything Palin has ever said sound even more ridiculous.


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