Thursday, March 10, 2011

Moderates of the World, UNITE!

I saw my fist letter to the editor in the D-News this morning from a Republican fed up with the arrogance of the Republican super-dominated Utah State Legislature. He said he is going to vote straight-ticket Democratic.

That's it! Utah moderates need to recognize the extremism of the Glenn-Beckian, tea-partyist Utah Republican Party and bring your moderation over to the Democrats! It's not like we're a bunch of wild-eyed leftist radicals. I mean, look at Congressman "Blue-Dog" Matheson, for heaven's sake!

Until we can find a real new party alternative, your best bet might be to join the Dems! Or maybe you moderate Repubs can form up that energized passionate moderate movement to retake the Republican caucuses and convention back from the tea-partyists. Somehow, we've got to get some balance back in this state.


  1. Time to take the Republican Party back, instead of worrying about taking the country back ...


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