Thursday, March 3, 2011

Even Real Conservatives Question the "Constitutional Compound Republic" of HB220

First off, let me thank Senator Mark Madsen (R-Eagle Mountain) and all the other Skousenite-Beckians in the Utah Legislature for increasing the hits on my blog. Apparently, the term "Constitutional Compound Republic" is so rare in the real world, that my blog actually gets hits when people google for a definition.

Let me share an interesting piece from "Imaginative Conservatives" on Madison and the Compound Republic that I found by searching the term myself. I'm way behind these guys on intellectual smarts, but they certainly point out that Madison, like all the other Founders, had all kinds of varying opinions on the Constitution and government. (And Madison really was trying to do a sell job to promote a much stronger national government). It doesn't mean he wasn't inspired, it just lends support for my argument that you can "proof-text" pretty much anything you want out of the statements of the Founders to support political dogma.

I may have to link those Imaginative Conservatives on my Blog page because they almost persuade me to be a conservative again. When creating my own political philosophy back in my college days, I toyed with the name "enlightened conservative." Their "imaginative" seems a little better. But even though my views have continued to change over the years, I think I will stick with "passionate moderate." Well, at least for now.

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