Sunday, February 28, 2016

"O'er all the tomb a sudden spring" Happy Easter!

Mary Magdalene at the Empty Tomb
While more romantic than religious, this poem still evidences belief in a literal, physical resurrection that the rest of the writings of the Poet clearly convey. I present this year's Easter Poem from my Silurist Cousin, Henry Vaughan:

That cold bed where I lodgèd be,
Let not your hate in death appear,
But bless my ashes with a tear:
This influx from that quick'ning eye,
By secret pow'r, which none can spy,
The cold dust shall inform, and make
Those flames, though dead, new life partake
Whose warmth, help'd by your tears, shall bring
O'er all the tomb a sudden spring
Of crimson flowers, whose drooping heads
Shall curtain o'er their mournful beds:
And on each leaf, by Heaven's command,
These emblems to the life shall stand

Henry Vaughan (from Les Amours, written to his first wife, Catherine Wise,1646)

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