Thursday, February 11, 2016

Utah Can Save a Lot of Money Letting the Bundy Trials Test Ownership of Public Lands

Yes! Governor Gary Herbert and especially, legislator/lobbyist Ken Ivory take note! The State of Utah is seriously considering a lawsuit to challenge United States ownership of the federal public lands within the state of Utah based on some tricky readings of the U.S. Constitution, the Utah Enabling Act, and the Utah State Constitution - basically the same theories that the Bundy Bunch have used to claim the feds have no authority in Oregon and Nevada!

But wait! Please! A major part of the charges filed today against accused co-conspirator Cliven Bundy in armed confrontation with federal officials performing federal activities on federal public lands is that those lands were obtained by the United States under the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo with Mexico and never relinquished!

From the Criminal Complaint filed today against Cliven Bundy
I don't suppose the State of Utah would want to intervene to assist in Bundy's defense (heaven forbid!). But I'm sure he'll have the best lawyers the radical right can provide; maybe even Ken Ivory, Esq., of the American Lands Council (from which he claims he is stepping down as CEO and founding Past President. Well I guess he can't step down from "founding Past President.")

Bottom line, Utah, save the Taxpayers' money!! Wait for the outcome of the Bundy trial and the expected defenses argued out of the Skousen version of the Constitution! You will get your answer much less expensively. And I'll bet you my next year's taxes on what that answer is. (Hint: Bundys and you lose.)

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