Monday, February 15, 2016

Cynefin "A Sense of Place" Wales

We have already shared some work from crowd-sourcing or indexing the Tithing maps of Wales (1840s) for the National Library of Wales (here, here, and here). I just discovered that there are some parishes with the parcels now "clickable" to find who owned and occupied the place including Tract No. 44 in Llanfoist Village:

Clicking on box 44, this is what popped up on the right.
The Cynefin system is very different from indexing. One nice thing is that they list the names of the volunteers:

See anyone you know there?
Today after racking up some FamilySearch indexing points, I went on the slog with Glasbury Parish at Cynefin:

See? we need more Glasbury Volunteers
Here's a bit of an idea as to how it works. (FamilySearch does excel in training online, at any Family History Center, and in your own ward!). 

Finding the Parish you want to work on you click on "Transcriptions." You enter the data right on the page in the little box that appear when you click at that location:

Next, is the option box that appears for the data they want as you work across the page in columns linked to the parcel number and I assume the names of owner and occupier as well. (I haven't found that names index yet.):

I still don't know what a "perch" is. I guess I should look that up.
Pencaecoch, by the way, means "Head or Top of the Red Field." Yes, a little Welsh goes a long way. The best part is that my name is now all over the Library of Wales Database as I search out my Vaughans and neighbors (likely relatives) in the parishes where they lived. Still much more work to be done. Someone should go for Hay-on-Wye. Just sayin'.

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