Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Rush of Historical Preservation

Jane Vaughan Lewis Johns - early 1860s
Aunt Jane is smiling.

No, she really is! She may not be the most beautiful person in the world what with the Vaughan nose and all. It's the same nose that's on her brother's face, the only two siblings we have in photos from that generation (well, so far).

John Vaughan, to the right, is my paternal, 3rd-Great-Grandfather. That's the best copy we have of the picture. It's from an old-style, wide-typewritten, pedigree chart. My Collaborator-Cousin has already put out a notice to search for the original.

That's why I donated the miraculous picture of my 4th-Great-Aunt Jane to the LDS Church History Library today. [oops, I miscounted generations on the form].

It's pretty easy to donate. I've done it before with cousins on my Mom's side with our Great-Grandmother's journal.

Of course, sometimes mistakes are made and the catalog entries require editing. I suppose I have to call the senior, sister missionary who was so excited about my enthusiasm in presenting and writing out the form to tell her that I am Jane's Fourth-Great Nephew.

The best part of the enthusiasm was walking into the library and seeing my Mormon-History friend there. I see her there most times I go over - sitting at a table, working, with one historian after another, amateur and professional, going over to consult with her. Or in my case today, to say "hi" and get pats on the back for my research (skills, luck, and blessings). I told the sister missionary that she should get to know her if she doesn't already.

All that's required is to call them up or e-mail, and you can find the contact info on-line. Then, you can mail the donated item in or schedule an appointment. The senior missionaries will help you fill out the donor form:

Give it a try! Feel the rush!

I've just got to download those forms ahead of time.

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