Thursday, July 2, 2015

Standing for Something (You Don't Agree With)

We have some really good friends who are dedicated home-schoolers. I don't agree with home-schooling. I think that in spite of the best intentions, no parent is able to provide the wide diversity of specialized knowledge that a variety of teachers can in the public schools. It also tends to undermine the purpose of public schools which is to give every child an opportunity for a basic education to be a functioning member of a self-governing democratic republic. The socialization skills with children of different backgrounds also help in the melting-pot ideal of America.

Still, we love our friends dearly. We never debated our differing views on home-schooling. I'm not even sure of their actual reasons for doing it.

At their request, I once participated in a conference where home-schooling families got together to hear presentations on a variety of subjects. I was asked to do a session on the Founding Mothers concentrating on Abigail Adams and her influence on husband John through their rich trove of correspondence. It was fun!

I also went once to the State Capitol to accompany the mother of this family for moral support when she testified in a hearing on home-schooling. She did a great job in presenting her views to the state legislators. I don't remember what those views were. That's not the reason why I was there.

Home-schooling, pro or con, is not the reason for this writing.

I would hope that people could be big enough to step inside another's shoes in the differing issues of the day. It's not about right versus wrong. It's about things more important than that.

It's about Grace and Charity.

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