Monday, September 1, 2014

Thanks, Mom

We had a pleasant visit with my parents today. I've been thinking a lot recently about a place that was special to my mom and me, Rhododendron Park, Kenmore, Washington:

Amazingly huge and near wild (feral?) Rhododendrons in Kenmore, Washington.
from a nice family blog from Japan (no apparent copyright restrictions)
I worked one Spring and Summer in college at a plant nursery in Orem, Utah (Utah Valley). It almost pained me to help unload plants off of big semis from Oregon. The plants were screaming, "Where are we?!! Who left us in this desert wasteland?!" On some occasions, I feel the same.

And it was a great place up there near our home on Finn Hill (not far from Norway Hill). As I understood, it was an old estate with the abandoned gardens near wild turned into a park. It is a place I see in my dreams. A Garden of Eden or Questing Place to be sure.

Special memories. And that's all I will share beyond this beautiful picture.

Dreams, they come in colors.

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