Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blanding Conspiracy Theorists Charged for Trespass on Public Lands

See any evil here? I don't
Work-related. Caveats in place. Not talking about inside information. And, I haven't yet been invited to secret Agenda 21 meetings to destroy truth, justice, and the American Way because such meetings simply don't exist. In fact, if more people actually believed in truth, justice, and the American Way and practiced them, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

I am not directly working on the four-wheel trespasses on public land administered by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management for the multiple use of US Citizens (and even foreign visitors) under law, regulation, and the US Constitution. I wasn't going to comment at all until I saw the hand-held poster of one of the riders in an article of the Salt Lake Tribune. Check out the photos. The guy trying to hold on to the poster about Agenda 21 is also attempting to hold on to a young child. It is not clear which will slide off the moving vehicle first, the guy riding side-saddle, the poster, or the young child. I try not to go pejorative on the blog, but . . . .

So, Agenda 21. (Shudder!) Sounds ominous doesn't it? It's just the sort of program that would be hiding little green space alien bodies after autopsies or maybe a secret plan to make some Kenyan-communist-nazi dictator for life! (ooooh, nooooo!) Well, Glenn Beck has sure made a lot of money scaring people about it. I'll let you in on something even if I haven't been to any secret meetings of the illuminati-caliphate.

Agenda 21 is the most boring, bureaucratic, unenforceable, and boring (did I say that) program to coordinate information on a sustainable future in the face of certain global environmental issues. Don't believe me? Go to the dang source, for heaven's sake! HERE. I promise that your life and bodily fluids will not be at risk but you will be bored.

Apologies are necessary for the people who are really engaged and motivated in these kinds of efforts. As I've said about UN Peacekeeping in spite of all its failures, it is the effort of trying to do good that makes our world better. Battling good and calling it evil is no help at all as Isaiah said centuries ago.

And along with Isaiah to all those out there who don't care much about the world environment or world peace because the Lord's coming to burn all the wicked and build a new earth anyway. Really? And just who do you think He's going to have working with Him in building this new, peaceful world? I happen to believe that it is all those of whatever belief system who are trying to do good now and make the world a better place now. I really think He'll back me up on that one.

Oh, and if Ken Ivory or anybody wants to start up about "returning" the public lands to the states (which never had them), let's try giving them back to the Native American Tribes first.

Addendum, slightly later:

A little embarrassed checking back that my buddy Isaiah backs me up even more. Check out the preceding two verses from what I linked above.

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