Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Live-Blogging SOTU 2014

President Barack Obama delivers the State of the Union address at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., Feb. 12, 2013.
 (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)
It's close to time! Keep checking back as I try to update this as we go along. Although I am using my new notebook with a different keyboard that sometimes trips me up and Windows 8.1 which I haven't gotten used to yet and sometimes the strangest things happen if I accidentally touch the screen.

But I wanted to give you a little preview before the Prez starts. The country is down. Congress is a disaster. The Prez is polling terribly (although much better than Congress!) The Prez is not going controversial tonight. No socialism (as if) and not much liberalism even except for what the Beckheads and Teapots will find regardless of what he says. It will be all the things that he knows John ("Are-You-Kiddin'-Me?") Boehner will at least want to talk about:
Keep Don't Fix ACA
Deficit Reduction
and a few "AYKM" would rather not talk about:
Raising the Minimum Wage
Infrastructure Spending
Income Inequality
And just breaking in the news . . . the Prez will be taking executive action under every statutory and Article II authority he has to make things happen without Congress.

Stay tuned . . . on the other hand, I might just fall asleep. But not once we get to the Republican, Libertarian, and Tea Party responses. Oh, yeah! Everybody loves the clown car! (credit to Pat Bagley).

The Prez has entered the chamber. I was just thinking about how all the Republicans are hoping for a big win in the non-presidential congressional elections which is the historical pattern. I wanted to check what Nate Silver said at this point and apparently he has left the NYT (good, cuz of the pay-wall) and he has a new broader-based blog. He is recruiting and linked with ABC and ESPN - that means Disney! Maybe my boy will get connected there.

OK the Prez is starting. Starts with Teachers - Entrepreneurs (a woman) - an Auto-worker - Farmer -  rural Doctor (first affordable prescription - ACA) - Fallen Comrades - war ending.

Chamber & he serve the people and they make the Union strong - economy rebounding (true) (OH! and I heard China is buying factories in the US) and the President just hit this that America is the place to invest - not China. This can be a breakthrough year.

Are we going to help or hinder this progress. We've been arguing about the role and size of government but we haven't been taking care of basic functions of government. Not doing right by the American people (amen!)

Got our first budget that was a compromise. We should focus on new jobs, not new crises. Let's see where we can make progress together. That's what Americans want.

What unites the people is the belief in opportunity for ALL. (and we go into income disparity)

Corporate profits and stock market are up to record levels but basic wages are stalled. (Yep) Our job is to reverse these trends. Set of concrete practical opportunities to build ladders.

He will work with Congress and take h is own action where he can.

First Lady is good example. (and the first bipartisan standing ovation) childhood obesity down. She and Second Lady, Jill Biden, have program for hiring vets. Millions of Americans tired of stale political arguments. Our success should not depend on accident of birth but work ethic and scope of dreams.

Shout out to woman CEO of Gen. Motors and son of barkeeper speaker of the House (and bipart ovation II) Son of a single mom can be Prez (and he gets the third).

Opportunity is who we are. We must restore that promise.

Start is access to a good job. Insourcing jobs from abroad - amend tax code to help. Lower rates for businesses that create jobs at home BiPar Stand Ov. No. 4)

Build infrastructure. And he'll act on his own to get construction jobs going.

Two hubs for high-tech Raleigh NC was one (there's another) he wants 6 more. (but he doesn't say where) challenges Congress to get bills to him.

Trade deals and work for goods stamped "Made in the USA"

Innovation will own the global economy tomorrow. Federally funded research led to Google & smartphones. Unleash the next great American discovery. There are entire industries to be built. Let's pass patent reform to avoid needless litigation.

Must commit to American Energy "All of the Above" is working and we are closer to energy independence than ever. Natural gas - safely - can help. shift more cars from oil to nat. gas.

Strengthen protection of air, water and pristine fed lands (Yay!) (Repubs sitting on hands).

Solar power. Smarter tax policy. Invest more in fuels of the future.

Partner to reduce energy we consume - higher fuel efficiency - worked on cars, now trucks.

We've reduced carbon pollution more than anybody else in past 8 years. New standards on carbon power plants (i.e. coal) The debate is settled. Climate change is a FACT. Our children will look back to see if we left them a better world. (Repubs sit on hands).

Business, labor, faith, law enforcement, and fix our broken immigration system. (sort of applauded by Repubs). Both parties want to do this. It will grow economy and shrink deficits (YES) It creates jobs and businesses (and Eric Cantor sneers - but he's one that sort of wants to!)

Americans need skill to fill those jobs. Andra Rush Entrepreneur - called American jobs center and flooded with new workers - (Oh, this is a Detroit story) Asked Biden to fix training programs to fill jobs right now. More on the job training. Colleges. Ready to work Americans connect to ready to fill jobs.

Need to restore unemployment insurance you just let expire for 1.6 million people. Misty DeMars - budget cuts ended her job just after she and hubby bought a house. She wrote a letter.

Asking CEOs to give more long-term unemployed a chance. Asking every business leader to help. We are stronger when America fields a full team.

Train the future with world-class education - Steven Rodriguez learned English and applied and got in to college. Reformed student loans and more degrees than ever before. Need skills for new society. (great, Math). Better support for teachers!! measure how well kids think not how they can fill in bubbles on a test. Research shows best investment is high quality early education. 30 states have done it on there own. Congress needs to help. (but if 30 states are doing it already . . .)

Connecting students to broadband. Companies are helping. No cost to deficit. Redesigning high schools and connecting to colleges and careers. Parents and colleges more connected. Cap student loan payments to 10% of income.

Wants every child to have the same opportunities he and Michelle had. Economy must honor dignity of work to pay women equally. Equal pay for equal work. Everybody cheers. Should have baby without losing job - care for family - dad's too - Not a "Mad Men" society. (Boehner cutely smiles.)

We don't resent those who achieve success but Americans overwhelming agree that those who work should have to raise a family in poverty. (Boehner reluctantly applauds). States have raised minimum wage. Pizza CEO and dough maker work. raise in wages makes more dough. (Oh, I get it)

Shout out to Costco (Yay!!) And the announcement of executive order to raise minimum wage for government contractors. Minimum wage worth 20% less than when under Reagan. 10.10 is easy to remember. Say "yes" give America a raise!

Earned Income Tax Credit. Agrees with Rubio that it doesn't do enough for singles - help more - help to save for retirement. Soc. Security isn't enough on its own. w/o 401K stock market doesn't help "MyRA" (OK, the Prez tripped on the words too) Wants legislation preventing taxpayers from footing the bill for housing collapse.

Broken health care. We're in the process of fixing that. Pre-existing condition - Amanda Shelley couldn't get health insurance but did on January 1st. On Jan. 6, emergency surgery, no bankruptcy. More than 3 million under 26 have gained coverage under parents. 9 million signed up in ACA or Medicaid. No-one can be dropped for pre-existing. no one dropped for being a woman. Repubs unconvinced. Let's see specific plans. let's see if the numbers add up. Let's not have another 40 some votes to repeal a law that's already helping people like Amanda. "The first 40 were plenty."

America wants to see what we're for not what we're against.

Every American should help someone sign up by March.

Citizenship means everyone should vote - in less than half an hour. Should be our ability to vote not our bank account to participate.

Stop gun tragedies. (amen and amen).

Citizenship is obligation to serve. Diplomats and Armed Forces (hey. fine, but not all who serve and some were in Oklahoma City fed building).

180,000 were serving when he came. all out of Iraq. 60,000 out of Afghanistan - America's longest war will finally be over this year. (Biden stands and applauds - he hasn't been applauding much - must be the plan to not look like he's always different than Boehner).

Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Mali. - al queda.

In Syria we will support those who reject terrorism.

Can't rely on troops alone. fight battles that need to be fought not those that terrorists stir up for us.

America must move off a permanent war footing (yeah!)

Prudent limits on use of drones (eh???)

Privacy (more eh???)

Afghan war ending we need to lift Congresses restrictions on closing Guantanamo - need to set example for rest of world. Our security depends on all elements of our power. Nuclear threats - diplomacy backed by threat of force means Syrian chemical weapons being limited.

State of Israel - Jewish State that knows America always at its side ( bipart stand ov.)

Iran is not building a bomb - inspections - negotiations - preventing a nuclear weapon a goal we all share. Negotiations may not succeed. we are clear-eyed about support for Hezbollah and others. and mistrust. These negotiations aren't based on trust but verification. If Kennedy and Reagan could negotiate with Soviet Union, we can negotiate with a much more limited power.

He will veto a sanctions bill. If Iran's leaders do take the chance we can resolve this without the risks of war.

leadership defined not by response to threats but by cooperation around the world. No one is better positioned to take advantage of those opportunities than America - in Ukraine - Tunisia - across Africa support free speech, economics, etc. As we helped the Philippines - greeted with "God Bless America"

Dignity and quality of each human regardless. USA will bring home the gold. (weak Repub shouting of "U-S-A" to some smirks even by Boehner (silly stuff)

New generation of heroes returns to civilian life - keep slashing back at cuts to Veterans programs. Support our military families.

Story about Cory Remsburg - Ranger met at Omaha Beach. Told him to stay in touch. on 10th deployment he was nearly killed in Afghanistan. In coma. still struggles. slowly steadily with caregivers like his dad. He's learned to speak, stand and walk again. Looking forward to serving his country again. Nothing in life that is worth anything is easy. He never gives up and does not quit. (and there's no way to avoid this standing ovation with even the non-politicals of the military and Supreme Court)

My fellow Americans - men and women like Cory remind us that America has never come easy -freedoms etc. there have been mistakes - but we have put those aside to come together to promote freedom from tyranny - foundational documents. future for our kids. If we work together with what is best in us. It is within our reach "Believe it."

-So Sgt. Remsburg was used as a tool. Serving America? Injured on his 10th deployment. PBS just said longest standing ovation in a SOTU.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R. Washington) Republican response:

Kissing your kids. Doctors appt. It happens in the home. We the People. Come here cuz no challenge too great. Prez's ideas sound good but it won't help. She's more hopeful - people good - government bad. OK, I got it. (So positive, so up - except . . . when she frowns and mutters "government") Doctors bad - her Down's Syndrome kid good. Real gap is opportunity - growing (now she's sad again and frowny). (Do her cue cards tell her when to to frown and when to be happy?) ACA not working. Should be your choices - not the :( government's :( asks Prez to listen to you. (She seems a little Governor-"Kenneth the Page"-Jindal or who was Kenneth's girlfriend? the one on with Jon Stewart?)

So, where are Mikey Lee and Rand Paul?

I'm not tolerating the endless commentary well flipping channels - Paul Ryan very upset on FOX.

I have to watch "Sherlock" because I had to go to a missionary prep meeting Sunday evening with my boy and the dvr failed to record. But, I got it in the middle of the night last night on repeat. Makes you want to contribute to PBS again.

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