Sunday, January 19, 2014

Family Totems V

Depot, Fruitland, Idaho
(c) Larry K. Vaughn
This is in my Aunt's house at St. George. I'm not sure how she feels about it as she lost the tips of two fingers working at the Fruitland Cannery. Yet, it's another family icon (the painting, not the finger tips).

The next is iconic as the location of the Scout Camp, Jim Bridger Council, Wyoming where several of my family spent their summers. I spent many weekends there cruising up at 90 miles an hour in a Ford Pinto, no less. I think that was its top-out speed.

Upper Lake, Lake New Fork, Windriver Mountains, Wyoming.
(c) Larry K. Vaughn
(c) Larry K. Vaughn
This winter scene could be anywhere in the bitter winter of the high deserts of the intermountain west. I seem to recall that this is an artistic license, but only slightly, of our back yard in Pocatello, Idaho.

Moving a little south to the warmer red sandstone of Navajo Country is this next one. Winters can still be be bitter cold here.

(c) Larry K. Vaughn
Next is the artist himself passionately explaining his art to a captive, family audience.

And my favorite of this group comes last, Grafton, Utah - one of those sacred places that holds the bones of our ancestors. Redford and Newman only visited as tourists and actors.

Grafton, Washington Co., Utah, at the mouth of Zion Canyon.
(c) Larry K. Vaughn
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