Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Executive Orders - Since George Washington, 1789

First Executive Order Proclaiming Thanksgiving, October 3, 1789, George Washington (Library of Congress)
Once again, I'm very disappointed and concerned that friends of mine apparently believe (and posted on FB) the insane rantings of Glenn Beck, who, along with Bachmann, Palin, and others, are accusing the President of assuming "dictatorial powers" as the President has clearly and forthrightly stated that where Congress won't work with him, he will issue EO's (that's how we abbreviate them since I went to law school 30 years ago) under any legal authority he has.

People, please don't believe the Beck garbage. It's fine to argue about the merits of any particular EO or its legality under the Constitution or statutes passed by Congress, but please don't call George Washington or his current successor a "dictator" or "tyrant!"

In fact, some might have questioned where President Washington had the Constitutional or statutory authority to direct a religious day of thanksgiving. But you won't hear any argument from me! I'll cling to my turkey and religious holidays, thank you very much!

Why do I have to keep doing this? Please understand that I am not making money off this blog. I have a modest living through my federal employment, but that has no direct connection to this blog. I've honored my Constitutional oath serving the Republic under Democratic and Republican Presidents since Reagan, none of whom were dictators! Media-stars Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and the soon-to-be-media-star Michelle Bachmann tend to benefit a little financially from their fanatical fans. (Did I say a little?)

Please, please! You don't have to accept all my political and religious views. Just try not to be so gullible!


  1. and you pretend to be moderate? if you were honest you would also note that EOs (laymen use it too) were not even defined until the 1800's . Until then they were proclaimations. But don't let facts get in the way of your juvenile rant

    Also if you think Obama is allowed to make law by EO instead of enforcing existing law by regulation, then you have no business practicing law at all.

  2. World of difference ordering a National Day of Thanksgiving and Executive Orders skirting the US Constitution.

  3. In response to Mr. or Ms. Anonymous Nos. 1 and 2 or maybe you're just 1:

    I don't think this or any other President is allow to "make law" by EO. The question as to whether he is along with the "skirting" characterization is open for differing viewpoints and testing in the Congress or the Courts.

    I let my readers judge as to moderation or honesty.

    Thank you for playing.


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