Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mayor of the Munchkin City STILL Not King of the Senate

Senator (Not King) Mike Lee
Mayor of the Munchkin City

So our old friend, Senator Mike Lee, has been hanging around with a bad crowd. Pretty soon they'll whisk him away to Pleasure Island where he'll be smoking cigars, playing pool, drinking beer, and turning into a donkey. (If only). His best friends from the Senate are Tea-Party Ted Cruz and Ayn-Rand Paul. These guys are getting schooled by the Senate's Elder Statesman,. John McCain. (OK, if that last line is true then we're in big trouble.) But the best part was when Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, said on the Senate Floor this week:
“We don’t have kings anymore,” Landrieu said in response to Lee on the Senate floor this afternoon. “We don’t have dictators anymore. We don’t have people with special powers . . . not anyone in this chamber is entitled to write the budget exactly the way they want it.”
The Tea-Party Senators don't like the idea that the Senate finally passed a budget. Now it goes by regular rules to negotiation between the Senate and House. The Tea-Partiers won't be able to play their usual games. That would be too much for even a Maverick like Senator McCain.

I still wonder who Mike's constituency is going to be as the Republican Party, even hopefully in Utah, reforms itself back into sanity. Maybe he can move to Idaho where Senators have more fun.

Idaho Senator

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