Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Our hearts go out to the families of those heroes we lost and to the wounded at Benghazi.

But, the Republican House is convening new hearings to finally blow the lid off what they think is the horrendous scandal of Benghazi or at least get some attention which failed today because of the rescued women in Ohio and the guilty verdict in Arizona.

Testimony today revealed the not so extraordinary information that there was a lot of confusion that night. Shocker!

But let's compare with some past scandals:
So far, there is no evidence of criminal conspiracies to burglar and obstruct justice. (Nixon's Watergate)
There was no constitutional subversion of the Acts of Congress, as in trading weapons for hostages with Iran to fund Death-Squad Contras in Nicaragua. (Reagan's Iran-Contra).
There was no money scandal like Whitewater - wait, the Special Prosecutor, Ken Starr, never established anything on the Clintons!
But still, no perjury about sex leading to impeachment (Clinton & the Intern & others - Argentine women on the Appalachian Trail are apparently OK)
There was no internal briefing like, "Bin Laden determined to strike within U.S.," one month before George W. Bush's 9/11.
There was no war under mistaken pretenses at the wrong time, wrong place, wrong reasons, etc. (George W. Bush's Iraq).
And there is no institutionalized torture rationalized by very shaky legalisms that even Senator McCain didn't buy. (George W. again)
It's a mess that it took the Administration a while to get the story on Benghazi straight. It's a tragedy that four good Americans in service to the US people and people of Libya were killed. It's a much greater shame that 2,966 people died on 9/11 and 4,474 Americans, allies, and countless Iraqis died in that unnecessary "preemptive" war of choice in Iraq.

For a good and thorough analysis of the Benghazi crisis, see my buddies at MormonDem.

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