Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tweeting the NRA

Just couldn't resist sharing a collection of tweets relating to guns and the NRA Convention from the past day or so. Check out some of these:

In the last 3 days, an 8-yo has shot his 5-yo sister (AK), a 5-yo shot his 2-yo sister (KY) & a 7-yo shot his 9-yo sister (WA).

The only thing that can stop a 5-yr-old with a gun is a 2-yr-old with a gun.

One of our top stories tonight: Republican 2016 hopefuls pledge firmness to NRA
. gets standing O from NRA crowd:
NRA is a cult and the gun is its fetish
Dick Cheney supports ban on high capacity magazines
Meridian, ID man shot while cleaning gun. 101st I've seen this year, but "nobody would ever do it."
Watch Rick Perry Shoot a Semi-Automatic Assult Rifle
Glenn Beck's offers instructions on how to built your own "untraceable" assault rifle via
"This will be a non-violent event, unless the government chooses to make it violent."
Bill Moyers: "Wayne LaPierre is the walking embodiment of a sociopathic mentality... radically devoid of empathy"

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