Monday, October 1, 2012

A Matter of Perception

I don't usually go for the laugh on the blog. In fact, some think I'm a little too serious (maybe even full of myself). So, in an attempt to lighten up a bit, I share this great little matrix I found on the web:

I think this one is pretty funny in a fairly accurate sense. The only oddity is that I think that's Clint Eastwood as the Libertarians' self-idealization. It appears from my internet find that this matrix predates the talking-to-the-chair incident at the Republican Convention by a few years. I wonder if they would prefer some other cowboy now.

The message is rather blatant. We all see each other and ourselves through different lenses. We may never understand each other, but what if we could combine those favorable self-images for the tic-tac-toe win down the center diagonal - upper left to lower right? We could be families of hard-working cowboys!
I dunno. Maybe we need to be a bit more than that. I wish there was some way we could all come together better. But then you'll just think I'm that crying little girl or maybe one of the hippies.

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