Friday, October 5, 2012

It's Bull Pucky

Yes, the President appeared disengaged and not on his game at the debate. I'm sure he was thinking that he would rather be spending the evening with Michelle. And the strategy failed in that they were probably hoping to hold back a little and let Governor Romney slip somehow. Governor Romney was in top form that night. And I just read something that churns up my passion to threaten moderation.

CNN reports that Governor Romney now admits (I'm sure with the greatest of "sincerity") that he was "completely wrong" about calling 47% of America irresponsible victims demanding entitlements (such as "health care, food, housing" -the nerve!). If the President had mentioned anything at all to call him out on the 47% the other night, Romney would have walloped him with this prepared and practiced line of "sincerity."

It would have been THE MOMENT of the debate, maybe of the campaign. (Remember when I said the 47% would be the continuing topic of the narrative, even if it was how Romney amazingly recovered? That would have been it).

So, I'm going to call it like I see it. I don't know if the good Governor Romney was full of bull pucky at the fancy fundraiser when he was mooching money off his wealthy friends or now when he is speaking to all of America saying he was "completely wrong" at the fancy fundraiser. But I'm pretty sure it has to be one or the other if not both.

I think the Obama Campaign ought to keep playing that loop of the 47% tape over and over and over. Then Romney can continue his "sincere" statement that he was "completely wrong" over and over and over. The People can decide.

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  1. Well said, brother, well said. It was only a matter of time before Romney would revert to his time-proven ways, and, wait for it, flip, on the 47% comments. Interesting, though, that all my Mittite friends who were lighting up Facebook and Twitter on the night of the debate, gloating, have gone silent on this.


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