Saturday, October 6, 2012

Late-Blogging Priesthood Session (Notes from the Dark)

They had the lights off again so it was pretty hard to take notes. I just got a few scratches of subject matters and highlights.

And there was something else going on with the Stake's best laid plans. We got there a few minutes before the start because we don't mind sitting on the folding chairs in the cultural hall. Our bishop was just opening the curtain and there were no chairs! Then I saw a counselor in the Stake Presidency talking to our bishop and picked up something about how they wanted us all in the chapel. But the chapel was packed full. Weird. Anyway, instead of planning ahead for the expected reality based on every past Priesthood Session, we were clanging around metal chairs as the meeting began. And it went on, as it always does, a full ten minutes or so into the session. Even during the prayer. I hope the Stake Presidency rethinks whatever they were attempting.

Anyway, my notes are really bad. I'll show you a sample at the end.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve.
Challenges of men & boys.
Women doing better in school at all levels
With regard to internet abuse - we end up "being of the world but not even in the world." [that was a good line]
Be strong and of good courage -Joshua 10:25

Presiding Bishop Gary E. Stevenson
Courageously do what is right.
Talked about 2,000 Stripling Warriors. Alma 53 [no mention of Bountiful Parade, thank heavens]
Not spirit of fear but spirit of power

Elder Anthony D. Perkins
Told of family trips when he was a kid going over mountains on narrow roads.
Guardrails keep us safe.
Beware falling rocks signs.
Guardrails and warning signs are important so we don't end up like David tempted by Bathsheeba. Samuel 11

The song was the great Welsh hymn "Guide Us Oh Thou Great Jehovah [Redeemer]" Tempted to sing the "Bread of Heaven" line but I stuck with the words on the bottom of the screen and tried my best harmony.

President Uchtdorf
Talked about rebuilding Piper Cub airplane like the one he learned to fly in.
Recently he got to ride in a Blue Angels jet.
Compared the experiences and likened to priesthood soaring.
Sometimes we complain about how small the bag of peanuts is missing the miracle of flying that kings would have given everything to do.
Knowledge, Obedience, Faith necessary for Priesthood service
Be wise
Have a deep Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

President Eyring
Talked to the youth
Told of the boards he carved for his sons and daughters - he had a theme he was inspired to carve for each to show their potential
One boy an eagle reminded of hike they went on in the Tetons - learn to soar. Wings of Eagles Isaiah 40:31
Another a lion (who was shy and developed courage)
Another with angels rejoicing
Another sun in the sky - life eternal
He remembers his patriarchal blessing that gave him guidance to be a Peacemaker which was the desire of his heart that the Patriarch could not have known
For his daughters he carved bread boards with a French phrase "I love and hope" "J'aime et esperance" J’aime et j’espère [Thanks! You-know-who-you-are]

President Monson
Testimony of the Truth necessary for all
A woman needs to be told she is beautiful
We [men] need to be told we are capable and of worth
People can change - talked of friend ministering to inmates - another berated him "don't you know leopards can't change their spots?" Leopards can't change their spots, but men can.
Tells the story of a Branch Conference in Leadville - missionaries were branch president - asked Mission President if there was any man local who could serve - he didn't know of any - Pres. Monson looked the men over and asked about one "I don't know" said the Mission President. Pres. Monson told the Mission President to talk and then keep singing hymns until they got back. He went out with the man and called him to be the Branch President. Came back in and sustained him.
See men not as they are but as they can become
Missionary who had great success because he saw everyone he met in white clothes being led into waters of baptism
He met the King of Tonga with Elder Groberg and Elder Groberg told the King he ought to become a Mormon so you could help your people more. The King said "you may be right." It was like Paul to King Agrippa "Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian." Acts 26:28

Notes from the dark
Then it was off to Arctic Circle for hamburgers and milk shakes because neither the boys nor I had any dinner.


  1. thanks! I am a single sis who always likes to know what is said in the Priesthood session, thanks for taking the time to share your notes!

  2. Maybe one day they'll let the sisters in too. -astroNOM

  3. As a not single sister, whose husband is a recent convert, I learned that you can watch the priesthood session online. ;-)


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