Saturday, December 10, 2011

Total Eclipse of the Moon

Pretty cool sight as I woke up early this morning. I wish I had gotten my own picture but my photography skills are pretty weak and this is great!:

Photo courtesy of Cousin-in-law Randy De La Mare
Our inversion skies are a bit yellow making the moon creepier as it got darker and sank into the western horizon just as the light came up in the East.

Thinking about my recent controversies of just last night and an on-going dialogue on Facebook about "Happy Holidays," I had a thought come in my head channeling the ancient ancestors:

Pagan No. 1: Happy Celestial Events! Pretty cool the moon going dark like that.

Pagan No. 2: What?!! Don't you know this is supposed to be the Solstice Season? What are you? Some kind of Secular Paganist? Burn him!!

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