Saturday, December 10, 2011

Not Beating a Dead Horse Republican Debate

Sorry. Not live-blogging tonight as my wife and I are working on Christmas Cards and watching Home Alone movies. There is some live-blogging that's pretty good over at Andrew Sullivan. Apparently so far, Bachmann scored a point referring to "Newt Romney" [she means both of them] as being just too liberal for her party. Gingrich is maintaining his front-runner arrogance saying the only reason Romney is not a career politician is because he lost to Ted Kennedy. Romney is a little flustered. Santorum says we need allies in our challenges against the Soviet Union. (Hunh?)

I'll try and check some news summaries later and provide any important commentary/analysis from my feeble keypad to update this.

Apparently, on a challenge from Perry for something or other, Romney bets him ten thousand bucks! ($10,000!) I'm not sure that was a good idea for a guy trying to connect to regular, middle class people. And Romney gambles? Or was it just some attempt at a schoolyard taunt?

And that attempted bet is picking up traction at least from the reporting on I can just see the attack adds now, the $10K bet spliced in with Romney and his Bain Capital guys having some fun with all those $20 bills. In case you haven't seen that yet, here it is:

My oldest boy came home from serving a church mission in Oregon. He told us how his Mission President had one overriding rule, "Don't Do Stupid Things." They had it put on t-shirts. That's a pretty good rule for young men at 19-21 years of age. Romney could have used a slogan like that when he was with his buddies at Bain. Maybe tonight at the debate, too. 

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  1. (Anon/M) Most important thing I got from this debate is that Mitt Romney has absolutely no sense of what to say when speaking off the cuff. His "10,000 bet offer" was disastrous on so many levels that I think he doesn't belong in politics, for all his experience and deep pockets.


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