Thursday, December 15, 2011

Republicans Are Not Stupid

You might not know that from the Fox Republican Presidential Debate that went on tonight which I did not blog as I am engaged in family history research and writing pursuits. And I just couldn't take another debate. Check it out elsewhere as apparently Gingrich continues to surge, Romney and the rest ('cept maybe Huntsmand and Paul) continue to pander. And the beat goes on.

I am also on travel (holed up in my hotel room this evening) to attend a conference and some work meetings. When I checked my work e-mail remotely this morning, there was yet another notice to prepare for furlough and government shut-down. In fact, it said that anyone on travel should return to their duty station as soon as possible as the funding could run out Friday at midnight and then we would all turn into pumpkins for attempting to do any government work including returning home from government travel. I figure I can get out of Vegas even if I have to walk to St. George. The desert isn't as hot this time of year.

So, there is some good news from CNN reporting tonight:

Boehner also took a conciliatory approach in comments to reporters later Thursday, calling for calm so that legislators can do their work.
"There's no need to shut down the government, and I see that Sen. Reid has signaled that may not happen," Boehner said.
He said the "easy way to untangle all of this" is for the House and Senate to pass the appropriations bill negotiated by a conference committee with members of both chambers, and then for the Senate to work out a compromise on the payroll tax cut measure.

This means, of course, that Boehner has beaten the tea party faction of his majority. This is a good thing. Speaker Boehner is not Speaker Gingrich (thank heavens!) And, as I have said before, any compromise favors our President who believes that is what government of, by, and for the people is all about. The tea party Congress that was elected in 2010, is now the most unpopular Congress ever, and the biggest failure because their whole point to exist was NOT to compromise with this President on anything. (even tax cuts, heh-heh. Good one, Mr. President!)

Stand on principle, Mr. President. Compromise. And thank you Mr. Boehner for standing with him on that bedrock solid, Constitutional and Patriotic American principle of finding the common ground. Yeah, baby!

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  1. (Anon/M) I couldn't watch it either. There's just so much absurdity one can stand. I just read the latest Andy Borowitz's fake news stating that it is just a huge conspiracy pulled by Obama. Those guys on the podium couldn't possibly be the REAL Republican candidates. The genuine ones must be tied up in a warehouse somewhere.
    PS - Getting tired of the same old "government shutdown" routine. Good luck on your walk to St. George, if you turn into a pumpkin tonight.


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