Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Mission Journal, Training Day 3

This ain't Paradise yet, Baby!

OK. I had church sexual-harassment training, so I'm not supposed to use the word, "Baby."

It had to be done twice, or maybe not. Remember that bureaucracy thing? I was doing just fine with the training on FamilySearch "Sources" and "Memories" picking up a few good tips as I tried showing off my prowess next to the guy who apparently wasn't just in advertising but was a software engineer and a certified genealogist. Sigh. Then the full-time "tech" Elders taught us how to get on to our new church email accounts for the Mission. Only it wouldn't work for the four of us sitting in a row right in front. We went from my buddy on the right to the nice Sister with a Welsh surname on the left and next to her another Sister with a Welsh surname whom I'm afraid to ask how she got it as she otherwise appears to be African-American. And we're all in this tech mess together.

The young Tech Elders took phone photos of our error messages and presumably sent them off to Church IT. When I got home, I had two emails from Church IT. One told me that I had to take annual sexual-harassment training. The other was to get my email fixed. As a former fed attorney that practiced personnel law, I couldn't resist the training. The online course was a little better than the fed courses. And the rules are pretty much the same. The main differences are that the Church can require a temple recommend as a condition of employment and church employees can date but have to report it to HR first. I don't think I'll try it because whatever HR were to say, my wife would likely object. Oh, and the temple recommend thing.

When I tried the Church email set-up at home, it seemed to work! What do ya know? So, I end the day on a high note. There were others.

The morning devotional was good. I asked the senior sister missionary for her source which she let me copy as it seemed to connect well with my Grandma Elinor and the reasons I was on a mission.

My interviews with the Mission Presidency went well, I think. I thought it would be with all three together (all three are full-time mission presidents as our mission has 1,000 missionaries!) Then they described it more as "speed-dating" as we had seven minutes with each of them together with their wives. The President was first and as a former attorney he appreciated how I didn't want to do legal work. He asked if I had known his wife's uncle (in front of her) at my old office. I said that I had worked with him adding no more context. (Whew!) I laid it all out on the table how I wanted to do research, so will see how the Spirit moves. The next counselor was the one over the research wing, so I made the pitch strong there too. He seems to be the one I can connect with the best although I know I won't have much contact with any of them once I'm in the trenches on a team reporting to a Zone Leader. The last interview went well too as I explained my preferences and would be perfectly happy on the British Floor (B-2) as well as research. I guess I was playing a bit to each of the audiences. If the Spirit lead me and leads them the right way, it should work out. I can always still quit.

After that bit of stress, I went down and had lunch on my own at the Nauvoo Cafe where you can get real Diet Coke. And that may have been a mistake or the pre-lunch stress was, as I had to take more breaks in the afternoon session.

And I broke my not-crossing-South-Temple pledge by going to Deseret Book to get the new Volume 9 of Documents in the Joseph Smith Papers Project. I have a new respect for D-Books for some good reasons one of them being 10% Missionary discount!

Next mission post here.

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