Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Mission Journal, Training Day 2

No notes today because it was all FamilySearch intensive with hands-on work. They have a very good teaching system of group lecture with an active screen showing what the instructor is doing while a couple of roving trainers watch and swoop in to assist those having trouble. Then at the end of a segment, a trainer comes for each of us for a one-on-one check through the concepts just learned. They are mostly friendly, too. Some are a bit harsh as former Jr. High School teachers or something. (Oops!)

In truth it seems so odd to serve a mission from 7:30 to 4:00 and be on pretty much the same commute I was on for work just a few weeks ago. I park on Main Street above the Conference Center where there is some free, all-day parking and I walk down the hill. So I don't cross that dreaded South Temple line into the "Great and Abominable" City. I had joked with one friend that I was joining the GAA CHL, but I think I was too harsh unless they're just being nice at training to suck me in. This just isn't a bad place to serve a mission!

The walk in from parking is pretty nice!

We are only on the Third Floor and looking out the window, I see this:

It's still Utah but blooming like a rose!

Maybe it is a bit paradisaical.

To top it off, I had some church tapioca for lunch dessert. I remember church tapioca from my LTM cafeteria days. There is nothing like church tapioca!

And raspberries!
I ate lunch with a couple of my mission elder buddies. One of them asked if we weren't supposed to have a companion assigned. I'm glad to take it as it is and head on home every night!

It was only a bit discouraging to learn so many more things that need to be fleshed out on FamilySearch to fix up our family records and stories. I hope my cousins may forgive my practicing on Great-Grandpa George Robert Vaughn. It puts my name all over the place on his page with a more perfect referencing of data, etc.

Now I'm back home with my feet up in my easy chair. My feet still hurt due to incidences of old age so I guess I'm not in Heaven yet.

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