Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Sort of a Mission Report

Finally made it into the Joseph Smith Papers!

No, that's not my assignment. And training on Monday put the fear of Something into me so I don't know what I can talk about. My assignment is not official and hasn't started yet but I think I will be able to use my Welsh. Yes, the Lord and a few other folk seem to know what they are doing. I've been sort of hyperventilating the past couple of days. I've got to calm down and get to work hopefully to meet my supervisor and work tomorrow. It seems it will not be appropriate to blog about much of it unless I can refer you to public sources of which I'm hopeful we will be producing more.

So, the Joseph Smith Papers. My direct ancestor finally made it! My wife's people and, therefore, my children's have been in since nearly the beginning with piles of stuff. Mine had to wait until Volume 9 of Documents and it's not all good news:

See image at JSPP here.
Yeah, good ol' Daniel!

The good news part is that he did appeal to the Nauvoo High Council and with enough affidavits of his friends to clarify the animosity against him, he cleared his name and was restored in the Church.

His fault was in allegedly preaching that it was time to "unsheath the sword" in Illinois as the Saints just weren't going to put up with what they had suffered in Missouri. One of the affidavits argued that it wasn't much different than what the Church leaders had been saying in Missouri. The irony in all this being is that Daniel was completely aloof from all the mobbing back and forth as he was ill most of the time after arrival in Daviess County, Mo. in the Summer of 1838. (See here).

Back to the Mission:

I went to the Mission Conference this morning. Just a two-hour meeting. The visiting General Authority was a Seventy, Elder Randy D. Funk. But it was Sister Andrea Funk who I think stole the show. She spoke about how the Lord knows us personally by name. She noted the Lord calling Moses and Abraham by name. And Emma Smith along with in the Garden after his Resurrection when he softly called out, "Mary!" She asked us to place our name, as the Lord invites, into the place of people in scripture when this happens. With regard to missionaries, try D&C 31 and put your name in the place of Thomas B. Marsh. Pretty powerful!

P.S. At the end of the conference, they said that one of our important roles is to encourage others to go on senior missions. You are all on notice!
Next mission post here.

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