Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I Will NOT Vote for Hillary!

I know I've sworn off political blogging for a while. But this actually helps explain one of the reasons. It may even win me some love back with many friends and family. But then, probably not. Because I'm not voting for any of the Republican clowns who are even worse than 2012 which I didn't think could even be possible. And not that it makes much difference in Utah anyway.

No, my reason is simple.

The Iraq War was wrong.

It was wrong before it started. It was wrong while it was going - except that we did need to support our troops while it was going which we failed pretty miserably thanks to Rumsfeld, Cheney, and W who wanted war on the cheap. And the Iraq war was wrong now as almost everybody admits.

And I knew it was wrong long before it started and throughout. I think Hillary did too and that's one reason why I oppose her and will forever. And dang it, Joe Biden voted for the war too. Hillary admits it was wrong now as she goes all tough on Iran even with grudging support of the President's negotiated agreement.

Bernie Sanders voted against the Iraq War.


  1. I've been strongly tempted to register Democrat just so I can support Sanders in the primary caucuses. Do you think it'd be any use in Utah? How does that even work?

    1. It is good to participate in the Dem primary caucuses in Utah. With the new laws amending the caucus system, I'm not sure exactly how it will go. But it's a lot of fun as the caucuses in Davis County have meet in larger legislative districts and then break into smaller precinct groups. We end up with about a half dozen in our precinct, so yeah, there is a good opportunity for participation. It's real easy to get credentials for the county and even state conventions. If we can encourage more Sanders supporters to participate, it wouldn't be hard at all to get him Utah delegates at the National Convention.


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