Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Bigger the Tea Party, the Smaller the Munchkin

Soon to be former House Majority Leader
¡Hasta la vista, Eric Cantor!

Tea Party Member
A very small percentage of Virginia voters has just thrown out the Republican House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor. He lost his primary to a tea-party challenger.

Yes, the tea party is not dead yet, it's just killin' the party formerly known as the Republicans. Democrats aren't doing so great with terrible approval ratings for the President and a likely 2016 front-runner that a good portion of the country just loves to hate - again.

This all does help establish the ultimate point that if government is the problem, then it must be disrespected and destroyed by any means.

To a more serious subject, the ambush killing of Las Vegas Law Enforcement Officers last Sunday was by people who were considered too radical for the Bundy Ranch crowd in their stand-off against the Bureau of Land Management trying to enforce a ten-year-old debt for grazing trespass. One can imagine the strategy meeting around the Bundy's kitchen-table, "Hey, these guys are way too crazy for us! We'd better kick them off the ranch!" and thusly, a form of "government" of an insurrection against the BLM took its first forceful action.

Government will always exist as long as man and womankind are on the earth. The question is, who will be the ones who govern? And how will they be determined?

I have a proposed solution - read the U.S. Constitution - all the words. Think about what they mean. Not just in the context of a dictionary definition of 1787 or 2014, but in the context of 227 years of American History along with the traditions of our European, Native American and all the forefathers and mothers who brought us to this Union. Think about the future, too. And think about the words in the Declaration of Independence that all are created equal, enshrined in our Constitution by the 13th-15th and a few other amendments and interpretations.

Republicans: Seize the opportunity and become a party contributing to good government of the People, by the People, and for the People. Democrats, too! The challenge and responsibility are to govern ourselves, not destroy ourselves.

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