Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Senator Lee's Staff - Chips Off the Ol' Blockhead

There will be a Shutdown 2013 Update No. 5, but this part of the story is just too good not to tell it separately. I took a trip down to Munchkinland today.

Senator Mike Lee's Staff
When I signed my furlough notice, I wrote a little note on the top:
Dear Senator Lee:
What the Congress did yesterday was in no way patriotic. Patriotism is what federal employees do every day.
It's a great message. I tweeted it earlier and while not exactly viral, it got a lot of "favorites" and "forwards."

Anyway, I wanted to let somebody in Senator Lee's Office know what I as a constituent felt about the shutdown and the whole tea party philosophy. I thought leaving him a message on a copy of my furlough notice might help get it across. And because I knew I could slip and say what I really thought of our dear junior senator, I carefully rehearsed my lines. It almost worked.

I entered his office two floors below ours. It was open, but no one was there! I looked down the hall to the left and into the rooms on the right. I was just about to call out "Hello?" When a young woman came from across the main hall and into the office and asked, "Can I help you?"

Me: (friendly) "Hi! I would like to leave something with the Senator's senior staffer - whoever may be here this morning."

Staffer: (I think the arrogant condescension will come out in the dialogue) "Oh, we are so busy this morning dealing with this shutdown!"

Me: "YOU'RE dealing with the shutdown!!! I want to make sure the Senator gets this message!" (then I handed her my notice and garbled out my rehearsed lines about patriotism above.) "I just want you to know that what the Senator did was WRONG!! And he will PAY!" (Fortunately, my brain started clicking again and I realized I had just said something that could possibly maybe be interpreted as a physical threat against the Senator - a felony - so I quickly added) "He is losing support every day! Even in his own Party!!" (Making it clear that he would "pay" politically. I was also walking away to help ease the unintended threat potential. And no FBI have knocked on the door yet - but then, they may just be furloughed.)

I told my co-workers about the interaction. One of them said to me later that she told the Federal Credit Union employees the story and they all started high-fiving each other.

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 Update No. 5


  1. I thought I saw a warrant come across the wires this afternoon...

    1. I can see about getting it going if you would like me to.

      I know several FBI agents who are assigned to help with the added security that Republican Representatives all over the country have requests.

      It seems that they have had a doubling of the number of people saying "hateful things" to them, and they are "feeling attacked, and less safe than usual." Seriously, several people who are assigned to field offices in heavily Democratic areas have been temporarily assigned to help deal with the increase in threats in heavily Republican areas.

      (I wish I could quote my source, but I only know because of a cancelled get together.)


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