Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sorry, Disney. Wrong Princess

It's always exciting to get a package in the mail! Today especially so, because I could see the return address was from Disneyland! Well, we did leave those slips when we were looking for our lost items. My grandson lost his baseball cap and my granddaughter lost one of her Minnie Mouse slippers, left foot - cloth, not glass.

It could have been the baseball cap. The nice lady at the booth asked us to describe it. I said it was an Angels' cap. "Well, what color was it?" My daughter-in-law and I shared a puzzled glance as we were in Anaheim, California, home of the Angels! But we proceeded to describe it as red with a big white A that had a halo. We thought they might have a few as it was Anaheim, California! So I also described the Velcro fastener in back that was attached at a diagonal slant to fit my grandson's head. Well, the package didn't have an Angels' cap.

Disney Minnie Mystery Shoe
Disney Minnie Princess, red shoes
The package did have a Minnie Mouse slipper, left foot, but black instead of red! And we thought we already had so much on the ball cap description because we took the remaining right shoe to show the lady what the left one would look like.

Somewhere in the world tonight is a sad little Disney Princess with our granddaughter's red, left shoe.

Good thing Disney isn't running the Obamacare website!

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