Sunday, October 6, 2013

Live-blogging LDS General Conference Sunday P.M.

Well, we just about lost the start here in the excitement of swatting a wasp in our family room. My Ute son has been for allergy testing and stings are a great risk to him. As my 16-year-old was waiving around the newspaper (D-News, of course), his older brother was yelling, "Don't anger it!" But it was successfully swatted.

President Eyring conducting.

Elder Quentin R. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve
Wholesome family activities - cultural vs. ball games.
He likes Opera now [I've been slightly distracted because I just found out there was an Iowa Census on July 7, 1856 in Iowa City, Iowa that I really need to see for my missing ancestors!]
back to Elder Cook - worshiping false gods like wealth & fame - consist of bondage
Lord scattered ancient Israel because of their rebellion - leads to bondage
Righteous living is necessary for Lord to gather his elect.
Jeremiah - righteousness & rebellion were cause of Israel's bondage in Babylon
Addictions can cause bondage - drugs, alcohol, pornography, financial
Excessive use of social media - sports etc.
Only member of church in his law firm - woman juggling many things - met to recognize priorities
decided on Family friendly for men & women.
Ideology & political beliefs - philosophies of men substituted for gospel - Paul in Athens - some new thing
Gospel truths rejected or altered to world's philosophies
Philosophies that diminish women as mothers, teachers of children.
Doctors forced to perform abortions
We must work to change culture around us.
Primary emphasis is to make any necessary sacrifices to protect our own family

Elder Neil Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve
Power of the priesthood associated with men
power of God is for all men, women, children
blessings of the priesthood are infinitely greater than the one asked to administer the gift.
In the ordinances the power of God is manifest D&C 84[?]
Why are ordinances administered by men?
2 Nephi 11 Nephi did not know the meaning of all things.
God loves all his children - all are alike unto God - sons & daughters
Men & women not exactly the same - gender is eternal (quoting Family Proclamation)
Power of priesthood does not work independently of Faith
"many ways gifts administered but it is the same God that worketh them all"
Righteousness is a prerequisite for blessings.
Pornography - repent of secret abominations.
Abundance of priesthood blessings in families where mother and father work together.
Lens of mortality does not give us all the answers
The women of the church will have good suggestions if we ask.
lived in Brazil

[ancestors don't show up on Iowa 1856 Census - so they either didn't get picked up or they had gone]

Elder David M. McConkie Sunday School Presidency
Teacher's success rests upon revelation

[Sorry, missed a few Seventies - some Australian Seventy is now talking]

Elder Russel M. Nelson of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles
Talking about blessing of body & spirit from his perspective as a medical doctor (heart surgeon)
Love life through its various stages
I give unto men weakness - to be humble - make weak things become strong Ether 12 or 14?
Death is essential for great plan of happiness - allow spirit to return to God
Paul - "A temple of God" your body
Look in the mirror and see your body as a temple
What spiritual attributes will you chose to develop
Spirit is an eternal entity - Abraham, Jeremiah chosen before they were born - Heavenly Father has know you for a very long time
You were chosen for this precise time - not for your bodily characteristic but for your spiritual qualities
You got some from the premortal world - you can develop some here
Self-mastery - spirit dominance over body
Fasting helps
God placed strong appetites in us - most temptations to stray come from the misuse
Controlling appetites is not always easy - mistakes, errors, sins - we can learn from them
We can change our behavior and our desires can change.
True change, permanent change can only come through the Atonement of Jesus Christ
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a Gospel of change
Master of emotions and passions not a slave to them - as vital to spirit as oxygen is to body.
We are free to chose liberty and eternal life or captivity or death 2 Nephi 2
Gender is essential characteristic - man & woman fundamental - marriage man & woman cannot be misconstrued - protects sacred power of procreation - true marital intimacy
Civil governments have a vested interest in protecting marriage as foundation of society
Civil government influenced by social trends - regardless of legislation - doctrine cannot be changed
Sin legalized by man is still sin in the eyes of God
Always emulate Savior's compassion but we cannot change his doctrine
Chastity before and fidelity in marriage
His way gives comfort to our souls
Each day is a day of decision - our decisions determine our destiny.
We will each have a personal interview with Jesus Christ.

President Thomas S. Monson
Heart is full bringing to close conference - spiritually fed
Constantly nourish testimonies of the Gospel

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