Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Vaughans likely lived at Bryn Cottage, Pipton, Glasbury Parish

Using a different mapping system for the same area of the lands likely leased by Roger Vaughan (1734-1797) to grow flax, I found a cottage name: Bryn.

It is a simple name meaning "hill." The hill would be Pipton Hill with its wood on top where the Wye River comes close right in the area of Bryn Cottage and the field that was occupied by a John Jones on the 1840s tithe maps of Wales.

Assuming the John Jones on the tithe map is a successor in interest to the Charles Jones who leased (or subleased) to our Roger Vaughan, then this would be some of the flax lands in the application and the only field that includes a cottage.

There are opportunities for research on these Joneses as well as the ultimate owner of the parcel, Sir Charles Morgan. There is the possibility of finding more leases in Morgan estate papers either in Powys Records Office or the National Library of Wales, maybe the UK Records Office in Kew.

Sadly, according to the maps, this Bryn Cottage was right where the modern road now passes. Still, I was right there.

My car parked up ahead. The barn on the left is Boxbush. Pipton Hill is above to the left.
Between where my car is parked and the farm road coming out past the Boxbush barn is where Bryn Cottage was according to the Coflein mapping on the original Ordnance Survey map also from the 1840s.

Here's another view from across the road where my car is parked looking towards the Boxbush barn. Note my shadow. It was right here.

The road from Aberllynfi (Three Cocks) through Pipton towards Bronllys/Talgarth between Pipton Hill and the River Wye.
The barn is Boxbush. Pipton Hill and Wood are on the right. The Wye River is beyond the field to the left. 

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