Thursday, September 21, 2017

Exist Light! And Light Was.

Gods "exist" in the entrance rotunda of the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California
The King James Version is much too polite and complicated in its syntax. I have always preferred the phrase in Portuguese, "Haja luz!" E houve luz." And I worked it out in Welsh class last night:
"Byddwch golau!" Ac oedd golau.
"'Be light!' And light was."

I have no idea in what language He (They? We?) spoke the command when light was born. In our current state, we seem to have a little difficulty in expressing the concept.

It was easy to push the button to start the Big Bang in the planetarium on top of the Eyring Science Building at BYU when my wife worked there in the early days of our marriage. I used to go meet her there late in the evenings when she was putting things back in order. We were alone when I found the button that set the whole thing off. I think it was marked "Big Bang." We did not literally dance among the stars as some movies depict in the Griffith Planetarium. And my wife is far too practical and discrete for fooling around at work. But we were in love and still are. "Be Love!" And there was and is Love.

So today we come to Equinox. Of course it's cloudy here so I can't mark the sidewalk with any shadow from my Ebenezer. Still, we are the same today all over our earthly globe. My long-distance friends in Brazil, New Zealand, and Tasmania have the same length of day as I do.

There are many who suffer. Hurricane Maria whistles through the islands between Atlantic and Caribbean with destruction upon hurricane destruction already just existing. Thousands in Mexico are moving man-made stones of concrete to find lost ones crushed by earthquake. Refugees spill over into Pakistan, of all places, from the latest inhumane cruelties in Myanmar. A madman threatens East Asia and another "total destruction" of 25 million people in North Korea. And unnamed millions all over our globe suffer from more pains than than are bearable.

Heavens above and below!

Be Light!

And we are.

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