Friday, March 24, 2017

The Art of No Deal

Let's face it, trump is a fraud. The spectacular failure of "repeal and replace" brings that home today. It's not a good day for Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, either. You should at least be able to get the support of your own majority party. The bill was withdrawn because neither the ultra-conservative "freedom" caucus would support it nor the more "moderate" Republicans in the House who might like to get re-elected in districts that went for Secretary Clinton.

Two of my predictions about trump as president have already come to pass. (And I'm hoping some of the others don't!)

It has been seven long years since Obamacare passed and the best the Republican Party could come up with was a last-minute, slap-dash fraud of a bill that would reduce coverage for millions and be a nightmare to administer.

Remember, trump said he would repeal and replace with something much better with less expensive coverage for all! And if you believed that, I've got some steaks, vodka, and a college degree to sell you.

They'll keep spinnin' and spinnin'. Meanwhile, in blue states, Obamacare will go forward, keep the rising costs down from the trajectory we have seen, and cover more people. Without national support from the Department of Health and Human Services, or any needed repair to the system from Congress, people will suffer more in red states where this is little support for health care or Medicaid expansion that would help bring price rises a little lower. There will be less competition too.

Still, President Obama's legacy will live as a forward-thinking progressive trying to allow the people to govern themselves in a national health care insurance system. It helps with difficult challenges of pre-existing conditions, basic needs for women, the mentally ill, and many other provisions that were not readily available to the citizens at reasonable cost before Obamacare.

And trump, having failed to close the deal on "day one" or even day 63, will ride off into the sunset.

trump driving "repeal and replace" home

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  1. I noticed you're undercasing trump just like me. THANK YOU.


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